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Final Fantasy VI Expanded

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Final Fantasy VI Expanded is an expansion of the original game's story with new story content intended to be integrated organically and seamlessly into the vanilla game.

This hack includes the following:

* Numerous new conversations with NPCs, including Sabin reconciling with the Matron, Terra asking Gestahl about her mother, and Cid marveling over the Blackjack
* Figaro Castle's library has books that can be read for more information on the setting and to foreshadow future plot events. All information in them is taken from official sources, like Ultimania guides, etc, so its 90% canon ("90%" because I extrapolated a little here and there, but nothing outright contradicts known lore)
* Recruitment events have unique dialogue from characters, including reacting to Umaro and Gogo. Speaking of them, while they don't have unique dialogue in recruitment events, they do get lines during the "self-help booklet" scene before the final battle.
* Numerous story events give unique dialogue to characters when previously there was only generic dialogue; Edgar, Sabin, or Relm, will comment on Cyan's letting-writing, Relm, Gau, or Locke react to meeting Umaro, Sabin, Shadow, and Terra recognize Cyan's family in Cyan's Soul, etc.
* After viewing all of Shadow's dreams, resting at the inn in Thamasa triggers an all-new story scene. You may have heard how the developers had planned to include a scene where Strago confronts Shadow with his suspicions about his identity, and asks Shadow to reveal his face to him. Well... 

More detailed information is included in the Read Me in the download.

Finally, have some screenshots to whet the appetite. Laugh

[Image: 7Ro852H.png][Image: nD9r5uH.png][Image: OEWfKQ4.png][Image: stZOjeB.png]
[Image: eR39nl8.png][Image: 12RzIzh.png][Image: Jagh4mj.png][Image: 2bOLNPP.png]
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