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Utility Patch - Moved Ending (Free your CA bank!)

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As anyone who has done event editing knows, sometimes space in CA-CC bank is tight, even with jumps. This utility patch is the solution to all your woes.

This patch moves the ending, from after Setzer's final line "this is the fastest ship in the world!" up to the ending screen, to FA bank, and jumps there. All branches within that block have been changed appropriately. Why the ending? Simple - it's a large block of event coding that we know for sure will not be called up in any other place in the game, so nothing will be broken by moving it. And, at least from the point I relocated it, the branches within the block itself are few and were easily fixed.

With this chunk of the ending moved, this frees up CA/2C65 through CA/36E9, and the patch will auto-blank those with FF. Now you have a very large chunk of free space for new events. Laugh

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