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Patch: New Treasure Chest Options v1.0.1

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Title: New Treasure Chest options
Author: TheNPCnextDoor
Version: 1.0.1
Applies to: FF6us v1.0, FF6us v1.1 (both unheadered)
Tested on: FF6us v1.0

.zip  New Treasure Chest Options (4.55 KB, 9 downloads)

  • asm/esper_name.asm
  • asm/general_actions.asm
  • asm/item_name.asm
  • asm/treasure_chest.txt
  • New Treasure Chest Options v1.0.1.ips
  • README.txt



FF6 offers 4 types of Treasure Chests:

* Item
* Monster-In-A-Box!
* Gold
* Empty


What this patch does:

It adds two new types to this list:

* Rare Item
* Esper


How to use this patch:

Out of the box, this patch will seemingly have no effect. To use it, you must
modify the types and contents of treasure chests. The data is located at
ED/8634. Each treasure chest is composed of 5 bytes:

* Its X coordinate
* Its Y coordinate
* The location of its activation in the RAM
* Its type
* Its content

The accepted values for the types are:

* 0x80: Gold
* 0x40: Item
* 0x20: Monster-In-A-Box

Plus the newly added values:

* 0x10: Esper
* 0x08: Rare Item

Any other value will result in an empty chest, although only the value 0x00 is
used in such cases in vanilla.

Now, for the content byte, the accepted values are inclusively:

* 0x00 to 0x1A for Espers
* 0x00 to 0x13 for Rare Items

NB: If you choose to put Coral in a chest, it will also increase the internal
counter of your total of Corals by one. Like in the original game, there is no
current way of knowing the current quantity.

See the attached images:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=595][Image: attachment.php?aid=596]

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Cool patch, thanks for sharing! Smile

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.
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Version 1.0.1 is out. Fixed a bug where the quantity of Corals wasn't properly increased.

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