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Single-Enemy Formations that Allow Pincer

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One of the Bug Reports from Divergent Paths was that there was a single enemy that caught the party in a Pincer attack. I looked into it, and there are actually several formations that alow for this. I'm sure some of these are unused formations, but here is the full list.

224 Latimeria
252 Dullahan (might be mitigated by a defined entrance style)
486 L.90 Magic
523 White Drgn
524 Ninja
545 Land Worm
548 Doom Drgn (unused)
554 Storm Drgn (unused)
555 Dirt Drgn (unused)
556 Gold Drgn (unused)
557 Skull Drgn (unused)
558 Blue Drgn  (unused)
559 Red Dragon  (unused)
560 Colossus
561 Czar Dragon  (unused)

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