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Dual Wield Restriction

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In all Final Fantasy games that include Dual Wielding, some weapons are compatible, and some are not. That is, except for Final Fantasy VI. In FFVI, if you equip the Genji Glove, you can dual-wield any weapon in the game. Two Katanas? You bet. Two 5-foot long spears? Sure! Curiously, the game does not allow this freedom with 2-Hand weapons (the Gauntlet relic); only certain weapons can be held with both hands. This is a bit of an oddity, since neither Final Fantasy V, which came immediately before, or Final Fantasy Tactics, which came immediately after, allowed for this freedom. (Technically, FFVII came before Tactics, but it did not have the 2H/Dual option.) This code makes FFVI operate like its bretheren by placing restrictions on which weapons can be dual wielded.


It does so by utilizing equipment property bit 04 (the checkbox right below SwdTech in FF3usME), which is unused in vanilla and in any hack that I know of. Like bit 40 (2-Hand), you must have the Genji Glove equipped AND have a compatible weapon in order get the full effects. The code handles menu equipping, optimizing, and re-equipping during combat. However, due to limitations, if you re-equip during combat, you will only be able to change the 2nd weapon to a shield.

Because the patch re-writes a lot of the code in-line, and places the rest of the code in a free space section of bank C3 that I have not seen used before, it has a high degree of compatibilty, as long as it is patched after any bugfixes. It has been tested with the latest version of CV Reynold's Bugfix Compilation. It is also compatible with the following patches:
*Genji Glove Damage Reduction (Assassin)
*Throw Down (Part of) the Gauntlet (Assassin)
*Ignore Defense Patch A and B (Drakkhen)
*The Full Roster Patch (Multiple)

There are 2 versions of the patch included. One version (normal) is plug-and-play, changing the equipment properties on many of the weapons so that it will respond right away. The second (lite) leaves the equipment properties on their own, so that you can apply it to your hack without messing up work that you've already done.

Let me know if there are any bugs. If I don't get any reported in a week, I will post this to RHDN.

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