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v3.0 Code Requests and Last of the Bug Fixes

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I decided to take what I have in my list of 'v3.0 coding-wanted things to hopefully get implemented' and make a thread of it, with the off-chance that those who can, might be so kind to offer their time & energy in getting some of these things accomplished for what would be another huge update & 3rd evolution for this hack. There's not a ton looking at them now, so that's something... but a few are fairly obscure and a couple would be a unique case to RotDS - but if any could be used for public use that'd be great! I can and will handle all things event-coding for what would be a 3.0 release, which we already have quite a bit of planned out for, but when it comes to the assembly coding I have not the skills to pay the bills so to speak. I've just recently been studying up a bit again on it, but as it is I'm still in assembly infancy and unable to accomplish anything I will be listing. I certainly respect those that can and I'm not ashamed to have to beg for stuff to get done sometimes lol, considering the amount of work I put into other aspects of this hack. 

Getting some of this done would also instantly motivate me to get going on the remaining event work planned for a v3.0. Now all this time Madsiur has been doing the majority of all the needed coding stuff for RotDS, and he still may be able to do a bit here and there time willing, and I'd imagine offer assistance when possible, but any extra help would be most welcomed for these remaining wants. There's no deadline or release date for a version 3.0, in fact it's something I've yet to really start on after just releasing the really large 2.5 update. I'm sure a v2.6 etc. will come before this stuff gets wrapped up, but I figure might as well make a post regarding it now. These ideas & requests are open for discussion as well of course, not just a thread to post finished code in lol.

The two main problems I foresee with any offered assistance, is:

1) The RotDS ROM is drastically altered and has a ton of different patches going on with little documentation on what all is what now... so working with it in most cases will not be straight forward, and might require checking for conflicts, merging code from another patch etc. and would need direct hands on approach, possibly debugging in some instances. I fear this may be the biggest turn off & hurdle at this late stage. I'm willing to test and can provide saves and any info I can regarding space and possible patch conflicts etc. at least, and who knows, we might get lucky.

2) There is little to no room left in C2 bank, or any other regular bank for that matter. Though I've been informed that this isn't as terrible as it sounds, as you can basically move it into other (expanded) banks. But still a headache I'm sure due to branching etc.

Anyways without further ado, here's what they are in no particular order. Please feel free to tell me if any are trash ideas or I'm neglecting to consider something:

- make Slow and Haste status ware off eventually, for both character and monster, like Stop and Reflect. relics that have it set permanently though can remain as such. DONE!

- flag coded for equipment/relic to block Freeze status. swap Repel Magitek status for it. DONE!

- code the Debilitator Tool function to only make weak to one element at a time, reverting the previous element on next use.  DONE!

- Runic and Retort stay active even after getting KO'd, which is vanilla behavior, but I'd like them to be cleared upon death. HatZen's 'Runic Forever' patch is applied though, so might need to check those changes. DONE!

- charmed status have character laughing ala Chrono Trigger.

- would like a monster-only Runic flag - RotDS custom Runic skill no longer absorbs party member spells, but this also means I can't use it for monsters anymore like the 'Speck' did. atm I don't have a real need for this, but I'd most likely find a monster to put it on if this was done. not too high on the ol' priority list though.

- Stop the camera from centering on the player for gen. action:
7C    Enable activation of event for object
This is an odd one that I can't seem to accomplish, but it's needed for preventing the map from scrolling too far to the right or left for the ghost train encounters where you come into contact with the NPC and a battle starts, thus showing parts of the map that aren't intended to be shown, as well as 'wrap-around'. No matter what I try I can't seem to separate the enable activation part from the moving/centering of the camera - each encounter close to the edge of the map 'mask', it makes the camera center on the party, even though no such event command is being issued.

- have gil in treasure be any value and not have to end with 0. Not sure if this would require having to alter the custom edition level editor source to allow it to do this.

- need a monster AI targeting command for the guest adder chars. (Madsiur already did this and it's implemented, but it doesn't seem to work. the asm file is here to check though if that helps)

- Havoc Sword to cost MP, scaling to his level if possible. I still have GrayShadow's code for this at C2614E-C261B5 (102 bytes!), but it's conflicting with other patches and even when they are removed still crashes in battle Hit This one is probably the most daunting and tricky one out of the bunch to see the light of day in RotDS... but as those who have played it know, Avalon Havoc spam is a problem, so having it cost MP is sort of a needed must in terms of balancing it. I remember we were almost there in getting this one to work, but in the end there was an issue with the 'character acting as monsters' being effected where they could not cast their spell (no MP).

- GrayShadow's condense spell code would be nice to have also. again a case of conflicting patches.

- have Lufia's command switch code check for any other skills? like Jump/Cannon for instance, or Summon/Call. This would free up more item/relic spots, but I'm not too sure I want to do it... and it'd require more, trickier coding iirc. (this one is not a request, just more of a consideration that I will note here)


And here we have RotDS issues & bugs I've documented. these I just want to put here as well so that even if not for v3.0, perhaps someday in the distant future a technologically advanced society can find fixes for these. For now though I doubt anyone besides myself would want to try and figure this shit out, but again there's always that off-chance I guess:

- try to get the latest Dead in the Air patch running 100% (currently conflicts too much, earlier versions did not but had the bug with poison death characters in mid air never coming back down)

- when I used Leo's Blaster, the X hit the crab in S.Fig cave, but the other monster died instead.

- character becoming stuck in frozen status forever if an action is timed exactly right before the monster is using freeze-status-inducing attack/spell. problem seems to be when character reaches a certain speed; about 60 in rotds. I see it's also an issue in vanilla, but with a higher speed value of 80 or so.

- Quicksilver can become broken if overused by multiple characters in a row. (related to ^ as well I'd imagine) 

- bug with jump when confused? made jump sound twice, first as usual, then another once in the air already.
happened also vs. Drakkazul, had a second jump sound while in air. happens with Quicksilver usage directly after jumping... I think it really comes down to just having too much speed for a character, which causes it to happen.
LATEST: it's a vanilla issue, but shows up easier in RotDS.

- you can run away from the Master Pug in Zozo somehow? How? it has the can't run away flag... saw it happen during a stream.

- Jump (the skill, with Otis) managed to break Griever's saw it happen during a stream.

- condemned timer bug on dead character? my character was pigged, and dead, and the condemn timer stuck and took out part of the character graphic. happened on train/grimm battle.

- optimize doesn't seem to work 100% correctly on dual wield characters still - it would equip first a shield, then a 2nd weapon, or switch the order sometimes.

- a ghost somehow got behind the wall inside the ghost train car, where the purple ghost is you have to talk to. I suspect it's due to the camera-centering issue, but who knows.

- Some Aether skills once confused have the step-back issue.

- How did Mr. Grimm start as a pig in dream shrine? Tied to char $07 or $08 status? (no matter, I removed him from the battle, I think.)

- Why did Panzer (tank boss) die with HP left? Overflow?

- why are the bullets from Sonic Rifle when used for a monster's attack-look the same palette as background?

- Shenron sometimes gets stuck after dying/no victory?

- Gilgamesh 1 did not come down from the air after using Jump for at least like a minute one time, but he finally did... can't seem to replicate it though of course. I also noticed this with Flame Eagle once.

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(02-23-2021, 05:22 PM)Gi Nattak Wrote: - charmed status have character laughing ala Chrono Trigger.

+ C1/308D:    A9 0A        LDA #$0A  ====>   A9 0D        LDA #$0D
(Makes Sleep use the MapDead pose)
+ C1/3095:    A9 25        LDA #$25  ====>   A9 26        LDA #$26
(Makes Confuse interrupt its spinning with laughs)

This is what I use for this purpose in ReCast.  The character will still throw their arms up, but instead of animating a spin, they will laugh and then throw their arms up again.  Should hopefully be the same addresses unless Mads moved a bunch of vanilla stuff in C1.

'Tis a big list.  I hope that you can get the code you need.

Oh, and Runic/Retort on death:
(On death data: Added an extra quick removal of Runic and Retort)
C2/06CC: 20 3B 67     JSR $673B  [Was 20 C8 07]

(Former free space, 11 bytes used)
BD 4C 3E        LDA $3E4C,X
29 FA            AND #$FA    (Remove Runic and Retort bits)
9D 4C 3E        STA $3E4C    (And save it)
4C C8 07        JMP $07C8    (Go to the subroutine that was originally there)
You'll have to find free space for it, but it's pretty easy to turn off.
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The Runic/Retort on death works great, thanks! That's one off thee olde list already, feelsgoodman. Smile

The Charmed-laughing code via Discord however is experiencing some difficulties, I'll hit ya up on there 'bout that.

We are born, live, die and then do the same thing over again.

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