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Harder Kefka

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I made a hack to make the final boss (Statue of the Gods + Fina Kefka) harder
  • Ultima is now holy-elemental (I couldn't find another way to make Ultima not work for this fight)
    • First phase is weak to holy
    • Second phase is normal to holy
    • Third phase absorbs holy
    • Kefka absorbs double holy
    • Best course of action to deal non-elemental damage is Flare
  • Health adjustments:
    • If the enemy has under 32768 HP, double the HP
    • If the enemy has or is over 32768 HP, give Protect and Shell
    • If enemy is Kefka, set HP to 65535, give Protect and Shell, give Haste
  • Misc:
    • Forsaken now ignores protection and split penalty
    • All instances where Kefka could choose to do nothing is replaced with choosing to do a normal attack
    • Names of the enemies making up the Statue of the Gods can be seen

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