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Multi-Party mode

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There are a few points in the game that you can place characters into up to 3 groups and use Y to switch between them. 

Is this a feature that could be added to the entire game / is this something that has already been explored?

I would love to be halfway through Doma castle and switch to my second party climbing the Tower of Fanatics 

I’m wondering if this has been done / is even possible / would be way too much work to implement

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The game already allow parties to be on different maps in multi-party dungeons, so I don't think there are restrictions regarding this aspect. You would need to test it on World maps though. If we strictly speak event-wise, it's possible to do it.

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So, when you enter a town/dungeon/etc, the game saves your location on the parent map. It's how Warp knows where to bring you. When I was recently changing around the characters to wait around in Figaro instead of Narshe, I forgot to change a map load, and ended up exiting Figaro near Kohlinghen and ending up outside of Narshe, with no way to get back, since Figaro castle was no longer there. I'd anticipate that the same thing would happen if you did multi-party-select outside of a single town/dungeon.

1. Both parties are on the world map.
2. Party 1 enters South Figaro, setting the parent map to just outside South Figaro.
3. Switch to Party 2, which enters Mobliz, setting the parent map to just outside of Mobliz.
4. Switch to Party 1, who exits South Figaro. They get transported across the world and end up outside Mobliz.

I haven't tested this theory, but I believe it's what would happen.

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What about a roguelike FF6, where the entire game is a series of giant maps where you must navigate mazes and get the entire party to 3 switches to get to the next level?

Or what if the entire game is just one giant map? Or if you used procedural generation to overcome limits?

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The solution might be to adjust all exits to update the parent map, or if that isn't possible (haven't opened the editor in a while) then perhaps an event plane could be applied over the entirety of exterior locations to update the parent map... that would fix it even if you switch parties.

Another complication such an idea would present is changing the party; whenever that menu is called it is done so by event and each party is manually placed on a map; you'd either have to require all parties be present at the same time (like the gameboy release did with Dragon's Den), or... well, I'm not sure how else you'd go about it.

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