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Edit monster mould unused

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Is there a way to edit FFusME: Monster Formations' Mould Used "13-15"? I just need close to large 6 Mould #1 box, but with just a very small box #2 for monster like Speck.

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I don't think anyone ever done this.. I remember reading on mnrogar's forum Lenophis trying to do so, but iirc it ended with him discovering some limitation with adding a mould, and if it can be done it will require a decent amount of ASM work. I hope someone will have a more positive answer than me..

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there were 3 basic reasons:

1) 16384 square pixel RAM limitation.

Mold 6 already uses all of this, so you'd have to make sure the main monster is within 96x128 or such if you want a secondary one.

and we're rounding UP to the nearest multiple of 32 in each dimension, as 32x32 is the smallest subsprite.  so 112x112, for instance, is functionally the same as 128x128.

2) there are more structures to edit besides C2/D034 (and C2/D01A), and they hadn't been decoded at the time.  see also:

C2/C540 , and the pointers thereto at C2/C4A4.
C2/B9E7 .  just for reference; DO NOT EDIT.

and yes, the ASM work that Madsiur mentioned. Tongue

3) the existing molds cover like 98% of setups that aren't pipe dreams (i.e. that actually abide by #1), anyway.


there currently ARE NO Molds 13-15, so you'd have to relocate and expand the C2/C4A4 and C2/D01A tables right off the bat.

you're probably better off adding an entry to Mold 9.  it's 96x96 or 96x128 (the data conflicts), so you have RAM space for at least four 32x32 entries.  yes, you'll need to relocate C2/D0B0 and likely C2/C622.

or you just exert a little discipline to make the monster fit in 96x96 as opposed to 96x128 (we've already established that 128x128 is NOT an option when accompanied), and use the existing Mold 7.


another limitation found by somebody on this forum is that certain molds and/or total monster RAM usages do not play nicely with Magitek Armor.
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