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Halloween Release 1.0: Deltarune Jevil and FF4 Anna

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Welcome to my first Halloween Sprite Release: Here there are the sprites of 2 characters that, despite being unrelated, share something in common: Despite being finshed in the past, they weren't released as soon they were completed.

Deltarune Jevil (To celebrate Deltarune 1st Anniversary)
[Image: wDLxaiZ.png][Image: P2l79GN.png]
One of Deltarune's most famous characters, and appearently he CAN DO ANYTHING, even if he's a bit insane. His sprite and portrait were completed this summer (in a period when his musical theme, "The World Revolving" got stuck in my head) and was scheduled to released immediately after the 3 characters of my last teaser, but it was delayed to October 31st both for being perfect for a Halloween release and to coincide with Deltarune 1st anniversary.
Composed entirely from scratch, he uses a custom palette which, unlike Ralsei and Alphys, doesn't include any human skin colors and has Mog's NPC Colors (From Palette 5).

FF4 Anna (A scrapped release now revamped and reborn!)
 [Image: Nps1PuB.png][Image: SqaU7fZ.png][Image: HPQ9JCb.png]

[Image: ZqAHyN7.png]
Edward: A..Anna!?
Is it another illusion? I thought you were d...

Anna: Dead?
No, my dear Edward!
I'm real and still alive, even if don't know how...

If you've ever dreamed to play as Tellah's daughter or you just want her to survive Baron's attack on Damacyan, this sprite is for you!
The development of this sprite was peculiar than the others: A earlier version of it was completed and scheduled to be released 2 years ago, but I temporarely scrapped it due to a problem I encountered when i ported her to the sprite editor. After recovering it recently, I made this revised version, fixing the error (A bad positioning of one of her poses), updating her most of her poses and finally I gave her a portrait (Not planned for her original release).
Another peculiar thing is the fact the generic Lady NPC sprite was used as a base for the basic front, back and side poses while Terra was used for the remaning ones. Also Terra's styled eyes from the earlier version were kept instead of changing to the Relm style used for my previous female character sprites.
Her appearance is based on her only in battle appearance in FF4 and her unused blocking animation from the original was included as the Japanese Letters/Frightened Terra pose and was used as a base for making the casting animation.
She uses a custom palette which include Terra's NPC colors and it is avaible in two version: One with the original FF4 skin colors and the other with Terra's ones.
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Nice work as usual : )

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Pretty cool, nice to see Anna finally finished and the other sprite looks cool, too. I might use ol' Deltarune for something in a hack I am going to do.

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