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Shorter Skill Name Fix

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Shorter Skill Name Fix
by madsiur
version 1.0
released on 07/29/2019
apply to FF3us 1.0 or 1.1 ROM
wiki entry

If you go into a Skill menu that has a longer name than another Skill menu selection, the characters from the longer name will get appended to the shorter name. To fix this,
I added spaces ($FE) to the shorter names until they reach 7 letters.

Thanks to vivify93 for pointing out the bug and Imzogelmo for the fix suggestion.

[Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:patches:madsiur:skills:1.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:patches:madsiur:skills:2.png] [Image: fetch.php?media=ff3:ff3us:patches:madsiur:skills:3.png]
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