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Samurai Shodown Ainu Warriors (Nakoruru, Rimururu, Rera)

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The new Samurai Shodown has been out for 2 weeks!
So I decided to do the Ainu Warriors from the series!

Starting with the odd Rera:
[Image: Rera.png]
[Image: Rera.png]

Next is the adorable Rimururu:
[Image: Rimururu2.png]
[Image: Rimururu.png]

Wait, we're missing someone!
Oh, right! It's not Samurai Shodown without her!
Last up is Nakoruru:
[Image: Nakoruru2.png]
[Image: Nakoruru.png]

Some notes:
* Rera was done earlier, so you might notice some things in comparison.
* Each character has their own palette.
* The Rera portrait was ripped from Samurai Shodown 5.
* The Nakoruru and Rimururu portraits were ripped from Samurai Shodown 4.
* Characters belong to SNK

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Nice work!


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