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Solaire of Astora

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[Image: h60PMU8.png]

Not that great but here it is.

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The "Ready" and "side looking down" poses could use some work, they look a bit awkward. You have a good deal of consistency here so that's already a huge kudos to you. The palette is nice, if a little too bland, I know you were going for a more rusty look, but Solaire is more silverish.

One note I would make is that you should add the full tunic, I think you have a good enough ability to be truer to the source material here. The helmet is as perfect as can be, but I think you could really make it shine that this is Solaire by having his torn tunic, and maybe finding a way to have a nice bright yellow for the middle of his insignia. I know how limited it can be to work with these palettes.

Other than that this is a pretty good sprite, correct me if I'm wrong but, did you use Sabin as a base for this sprite?

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i pretty much agree with sutebenu when it comes to the pallet. however i still like it a fair amount it shows good potential

The only limit is imagination. And 16 colors.. I guess 


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