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[Patch] Fair Hit

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The patch changes the hit or miss algorithm used to determinate if an attack hit or miss in battle.

In summary, a random number is calculated for the attacker and evader. The attacker will have a random number from [1, hit rate] and the evader will have a random number from [1, evasion rate]. If the random number from the attacker is higher than the random number from the evader, the attack hits. Otherwise it miss. You can compare it with the 'dungeon and dragons' system. Instead of dices with different sides, the hit rate and evasion rate are used instead as a pseudo number of sides.

Unfortunately, the default setting of the game is unbalanced for the hit and evasion values. The hit rate is too high and the evasion rate is to low, even for the default algorithm. It is recommended to adjust these values to balance out the hit and evasion rates. Otherwise, the majority of the attacks will hit because the default game values are setup this way.

The hit and rate system includes many conditions that can affect the hit and miss. It include status (image,vanish,reflect,etc), special effects (golem, interceptor, etc) and attack flags (can't dodge, stamina based, lvl x spells, etc). Please, refer to the documentation for the conditions and the priorities between them.
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