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Rom hacking questions

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Mostly whether or not Lord J's ME does or doesn't do stuff without having to test everything out and waste hours if I can just be told because someone has done this sort of thing before;

1) Will I be able to give another character Morph without causing any weird conflicts?
I assume Terra would still morph and fly off during the Tritoch event and when battling Humbaba that second time.
Or will Terra still need to gain magic points to charge up the Morph duration?
Ideally, I want to put it on Gau or Mog so their Dance or Rage can have a temporary power-up in spell damage.

2) Similar question, if I move Dance off of Mog, does Mog still need to be in battles to learn new dances or anyone who has Dance?

3) If a weapon has an element attached, does it still use vigor for damage and it it considered a physical attack?
(Defense being the calculation for lowering your damage not magic defense.)
I want almost every kind of damage be some sort of element so when I have "halved damage from element ___", it blocks 1/2 ~ 1/3 of physical attacks. I don't want magic defense to be the only thing that matters.

4) That bug "kill interceptor with rippler" -- is it possible to transfer Interceptor to another character by scripting a monster to use Rippler on Shadow then someone else?
Not that I intend to do this, but it would be cool.

5) Is it possible to adjust the power of Shock and Health somewhere without hex editing?

6) Am I able to edit Sabin's "fire dance" sprites? I know there's that black sprite in the monster sprites somewhere or is that unrelated?

7) If I make a spell animation basically an Esper summon and an enemy uses this spell; does the animation take place normally or do the monster(s) disappear for a moment?

8) If I slapped a respawning Merchant and Soldier (to steal from them and the scripted "and their clothes" to use their battle sprite;
i ) Does this last indefinitely so that Locke is permanently and everywhere that sprite until triggered to return to normal or steals the other sprite/clothes?
ii ) What if a different character, say Shadow with Thief Knife, steals - do they change sprite or would it only work specifically with Locke?
iii ) Would it switch back to normal by returning to the airship, ect, entering the world map or maybe even crash the game for some weird reason?

9) If I remove Leap so that a character with Rage has a specific set of monsters to pick from, will Gau randomly add to that list just by recruiting him normally?

10) If I used the Relm or Sabin battle-recruit at some random point in the game where you normally don't have an extra character, will it bug out the game in any way? Say I make Relm appear to fight Dadaluma. Is she standing around after Ramuh talks? Can I dismiss her and re-recruit her back in Narshe?

11) Do any spells reject any kind of animation or smaller changes? I think I kept having my game crash when I tried changing certain spells like Ultima or Retort (but I didn't change everything-everything, in the spell editor - just the animation - might have been causing conflicts)

12) Spells;
i ) If I change Doom, does condemn just cast whatever new spell I changed it to after the timer hits 0? (ie: Cure for delayed healing)
ii ) Similar question with "Safe when low HP", Shell, Wall, ect. -- If I changed safe, shell and reflect, would those spells be cast instead or would it just have it's animation then pop-up with the usual status effect? Say I wanted "Low HP = exploder" or "Low HP = Cure 1"; or really any weirdness coming from trying to change those spells to effect items with "Cast _ on low HP" items.

13) Equip if "heavy"; if I enable heavy, can anyone use any items labeled "heavy" or can I have a "Locke only 'heavy' item"; I'm thinking of something like mixing Gauntlet & Merit Award character specific weapon but not limiting one character to the use of merit awards.

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No need to run out and test these things for me but if you already know the answer(s), post 'em here for me, please.
I know technically anything is possible with enough coding or hex editing knowledge, but I've tried to learn it and I just simply can't so I'm mostly guiding myself around the tools I have available.

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Hey sup Odbarc, long time man. I'll do my best to answer some of these. Smile

1) I'm not entirely sure the command will even show up in battle for another character without altering the code for who gets it. And of course it only shows up normally after the Zozo event so that bit check would probably want to be changed or removed. Yeah Terra would still change into esper Terra for those battle events, which can also be edited, it's pretty tricky but there's great documentation now for those at least.

2) Yes, without changing the character value code at C2/5EE5 Mog will still need to be in the battle to learn a new dance. It's a one byte value change, though, is all.

3) Not too sure, I always forget how the formula for vigor and magical weapons works, hopefully someone could shed light on it.

4) No idea without testing lol.

5) Shock is called 'Megahit' (spell ID 130) and can be edited in the spell editor. Health just calls Cure 2's spell ID. You can change what spell value it uses easily enough at C2/171E - don't be afraid of hex editing! Smile

6) That blacked out  sprite is actually used/reserved for his desperation attack animation, the Fire Dance sprite can be edited easily enough with yy-chr among the spell animation graphics at offset 13EC30, use 3BPP SNES format.

7) No idea without testing.

8) This questions somewhat confuses me, but I'll say the whole Locke steals clothes things is controlled with bits that are set and cleared both in the AI scripts for those monsters/battles, and then cleared in the event code when changing clothes back later when rescuing Celes. It is coded to only be for Locke though, so anyone else should be fine. If you plan to use the merchant and soldier elsewhere and they're used in another formation, you could do a formation check in the AI to not have it do the locke clothes stuff.

9) I don't see how it would as there's only the one inherent Rage spell list. Gau would need to leap more monsters for it to effect the other character's (shared) Rage list.

10) You mean how they join via a battle event? Well, actually they are created and all but added into the party right before the battle in the event code, and then summoned into the party basically via the battle event. But anyways, it depends, some events are coded to be character specific where it calls certain IDs to do movements and etc., so yes sometimes extra event coding will be needed to control a character that is normally not supposed to be there. But other times the game uses a general party member 1-4 command to control characters when it doesn't really matter who's in your party. You can add or remove whoever you'd like really, just more than likely extra event coding will be needed.

11) Changes like what exactly? Animation changes? Trying to make 'custom spell animations' from combining values from other spells is hit or miss and can definitely break the game. If you mean other changes like values to damage or elements, targetting or what have you, that shouldn't be an issue.

12) Yeah all the things you mentioned just call the spell ID, so changing the spell would effect those.

13) Yes, any character that can equip the merit award, will be able to equip heavy flag equipment. Having it be character specific without simply allowing the Merit Award to one person will require making new code.

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3. A weapon with an element is still a physical attack. The Flame Sabre's(for example) element will interact with enemy's elemental properties exactly as you'd expect(*-1, *0, *1, or *2 damage), but the attack still relies on the same parameters as if it did not have an element(Vigor, Bat. Pwr, Level). The spell *proc,* however, is magical(though you haven't mentioned the proc, so I assume you don't care about it).

13. Isn't the Snow Muffler(for example) Mog/Gau/Umaro only, even with the Merit Award? I believe it is flagged to be equipped by just those three, and then does *not* have the "heavy" flag checked, so I don't believe there is any way of equipping the Snow Muffler to say, Edgar(without use of the Equip Anything bug). I assume you could just do the same thing analogously to whatever piece of equipment(I'm pretty sure there's no special code to make that happen, at least).

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Lots of good information.
Quote:I'm not entirely sure the command will even show up in battle for another character without altering the code for who gets it.
Bothersome. I'll attempt it anyway but I'm not expecting it to appear before the airship. I figured I could put it on Mog and no one would be the wiser.

You answered it just fine. ^_^

Quote:Changes like what exactly? Animation changes? Trying to make 'custom spell animations' from combining values from other spells is hit or miss and can definitely break the game.
Yeah. I kind of what to redo all the skills or as many as possible.
One part mainly animation but I could probably work around some of those but also to have thematic purposes.
One idea is that Swordtech is shared between two characters but Cyan will have access to spells taught to him by the weapons he uses that will only be used by him. "Advanced Swordtech" stuff.
Same with Sabin. Blitz and Magic where his Magic would be "Advanced Blitz" stuff.
Then a third character hasn't Magic, but Blitz and Swordtech. (I think I've tested this. Character 3 cannot learn more Blitz or Swordtechs until Sabin or Cyan learn them.)

It shouldn't obstruct my ability plans too much. And knowing I can redo Cure 2 and turn that into some other spell and make it Health (and Shock, respectively) can help me make up one or two characters. It'll be a little big hectic to really find out what can and cannot be changed.
I know a few of the "regular" spells like Fire, Ice, Bolt; 1, 2, 3 and spells similar to them can be changed without problems but the bigger "hits everyone" like W.Wind, Ultima, Quake aren't so nice.

Ideally, I want to remove as many barrier piercing abilities so they don't replace everything else before it for the late game. Just spamming the best abilities once you have them kind of takes away from potential strategy in battle.

Sometimes the funnest parts of the game are when you're low level and need to actually plan ahead for a boss battle and whatnot. I mentioned it before, but Return of the Sorcerer does this REALLY well.
If anyone's interested, I could probably list out my change-wishes I'll (hopefully eventually) make for myself (and hopefully other people too).

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