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FF6 hack project idea

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Greetings to all of ff6hacking who consider looking at this thread. It is within this thread that I finally make presence of something that is far too overdue, my rom hack idea for final fantasy VI.

My goal for making this hack is to present yet another form of a new view on ff6. My main plans for changes include the below

-Create a new original playable cast, no retaining vanilla characters, no importing existing characters from other ff titles or games in general.

-Add more depth into character backstory, certain plot points, etc (I.E. add more content for the returners and their involvement)

-Change the flow of the story while still sorta retaining the classic story

-Redo World map layout and town and dungeon layouts to present a whole new perspective on such

-The usual changes of Enemies and Espers, weapons, armors and accessories, some changes to spells (such as making some more practical to use in battle), improving the power of called espers to make it more significant to summon them in battle, while still maintaining a balance in gameplay difficulty..

I'm not exactly interested in keeping the story the same way, nor do I seek for personalities of the characters that'll replace the original cast to be complete  carbon copies of their formers. My inability to think clearly has resulted in not much thought being put into how I'll do this... hopefully I can overcome such.

So far for what I got for backstory of the story itself is..
Long ago... there were three great beings born, (all 3 currently unnamed) who each possessed vast magical power and said to be gods manifesting in reality, who each ruled over a great empire. As time passed, their lust for their power and fear of one anothers  got to them and soon enough warred with one another across the world, greatly ravaging it and transforming many of those caught in the crossfire into magical beings known as Espers, who took various sides among the conflict, including not with any of the three. As time passed, the destruction of the world and their very own empires soon were realized and their conflict came to a halt. Unwilling to continue on with their destruction, they formed a truce with one another and sealed themselves in stone and aligned in a triangle so as to balance their power.

The world soon began to rebuild, but the conflict of the espers came to be too much. There were those who had good intentions and those who had malicious intent on the world. There also was humanity who sought the power of the espers themselves, and war soon broke out once more.  Humanity took sides defending the good willed espers or siding with the dark espers, or neither side and simply sought out the esper's powers for themselves. Just as seemed the world seemed incapable of recovering. Many powerful myterious Espers unified and set things right, defeating or sealing away the dark espers, while allowing the good willed espers the opportunity to escape to a new realm with the triad away from the dark espers and humanity who sought their powers. They themselves soon vanished without a trace and magic supposedly ceased to exist...

Thousands of years pass, and the world has slowly rebuilt, with technologies resurfacing and flourishing. But... there seems to be those who seek to rediscover magic and utilize its dreaded force for their own desires and views..

The Story is practically a modified version of the original, but with the extra bit of espers not all being unified together, and the warring triad not exactly being gods per say.

Up next, is the new character cast in the works, only 5/14 of them have sprites and names associated with them. As time progresses, more characters with short info on them will be presented below.

[Image: qSg28HE.png]
Character: Claire 
Replaces: Terra
age: 18
description: A half human, half esper girl from the esper realm. She was captured by the empire along with her parents when they raided the esper realm. Her mother was spared during the raid with the emperor imposing her to raise Claire for her to eventually be a biological weapon. Years later, when it seemed the emperor was going to reform his ways, Claire's mother passed away of a unknown illness and Emperor soon developed a double personality (more info on the emperor below). Claire manages to climb her way to the way of General along with her best friend and practically younger sister Aerynn. But eventually the Emperor tires of her potential going to waste...

(images n/a atm)
Character: Eric
Replaces: Locke
age: 19
description: A Young man unwilling to explain his past. Who is a trader and collector of histories treasures. He more recently joined the returners due to past skirmishes with the empire and knowing what the empire is up to is threatening  the state of the world. He is usually joked upon by fellow members of the returners regarding his personality and his somewhat comical relationship with Lilian.

[Image: 6nS9WAw.png]
Character: Caelum
Replaces: Cyan
Age: (n/a for now)
description: (n/a for now)

[Image: TKLhKqB.png]
Character: Aerynn
Replaces: Celes
age: 17
description: A girl taken in by the emperor after the unintentional destruction of her hometown cost the lives of many, including her family. Who was given a unique magitek infusion when she was 6 that gave her the ability to intercept magic spells, but also came with a negative effects she is not willing to mention. She is the youngest General in the imperial army and is versatile in using various weapons. She eventually discovered the empire's terrible treatment of espers and expresses her opposition to such an act. Which only leads to her being arrested awaiting for execution, it seems...

[Image: j6wB9U3.png]
Character: Lilian Aredes
Replaces: Relm
age: 9
description: A mysterious young girl who joined the returners recently after escaping being kidnapped by the emperor. Who prior to joining and after escaping traveled the world independently hoping to find her father who abandoned her years ago. She was captured by the emperor after the emperor discovered she has a innate gift of great magic though she has no connection with espers or magitek, who intended to exploit her power.  Outward, she is good willed a positive towards situations and can handle independently excellently, and is interestingly adept at using certain kinds of weaponry despite her age. But deep down, she is at great conflict with all her collective turmoil from past experiences...

[Image: x43r4IC.png]
Character: Wyett
Replaces: Setzer
Age: 22
description: Owner of the world's only Airship. Wyett comes from a wealthy family within the empire, but due his opposition towards his family's corrupt means of gaining wealth, and the corruption of the empire in general, he was exiled from his home. He spends his days taking risks, and watching operas, which he expresses much criticism towards the acting.

(image n/a atm)
Character: Czar
Replaces: Leo and Gogo
age: 21
description: a man cloaked in a crimson colored wizard's attire whose face is obscured by darkness. Formerly a worker within the magitek research facility who tended to the captive espers before and after magitek infusion processes. Who had a experience within the facility that gives reason to cloak himself. He is a general in the imperial army and well known for his technique "Mana Break" used as a anti magic technique. Who also has known Claire for years and has developed feelings for her..


The Emperor
Description: current unnamed emperor of the currently unnamed Empire. He seeks to expand his empire and irrationally utilizes the power of magitek so as to make such goal a reality. He led the raid on the esper realm and kidnapped Claire along with capturing her parents and multiple espers. and Later Adopted Aerynn after her hometown was unintentionally ravaged by a prototype guardian. He is known for having a double personality. A kind, caring one, and a cold one. Which changes randomly and unpredictably. He seeks to someday capture the statues of the warring triad so as to control them and thus, control the world as a result with such power at hand. He seems to cares deeply for Claire and Aerynn at times, yet he also raises them as biological weapons and as generals in his imperial army...

Description: Unlike the usual case. I am intending to have my hack incarnate of Kefka be good and not a psychopath. I'm still unsure of how I'll go about executing this, but ill soon devise a means as time goes by.


As one can see from the above, I am really unbalanced in how I present my ideas... I'm hoping to make progress enough to actually get this into playability, and I wish to get some support in character developement, story developement, graphics changes, and so forth.
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You have put some thoughts in your story and it is coherent and seem interesting. Since the progress is somewhat slow and you have an inability to think clearly, I would strongly suggest for the 1.0 release to do the minimum, which would be character sprites, dialogue changes and some FF3usME edits. This could be enough for a 1st draft and an original hack.

After this you can tackle more gameplay balance, other dialogues tweaks, NPCs sprites changes, start some event edits, add songs from the song data thread (this could be done sooner too), etc.

Otherwise it will be difficult to have a release version in a relative good amount of time. Keep it up!

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