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Final Fantasy VI T-Edition

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(05-12-2016, 08:58 PM)SSJAiden Wrote:
(04-23-2016, 01:20 PM)Madsiur Wrote:
Final Fantasy VI T-Edition

Final Fantasy VI T-Edition is an ambitious japanese ROM hack by user @tsushiy. It features many new events, bosses, song, magic, skills, espers, a dressing room, a museum, a developers room, a music player and a new game+ feature. You can read a more in-depth review here. There is also a EX patch that allows to play past the ending with another ROM to beat more bosses and explore new areas. The hack is for a Final Fantasy 6 (J) ROM.

Poemato CX made a live translation in 2015, you can view it here. There is also the OST available in this playlist. The hack is in Japanese but that doesn't stop English speaking people from playing it!

Current version (2.08): Download

Tsushiy Blog (for latest releases):

[Image: fft1.png] [Image: fft2.png]
[Image: fft3.png] [Image: fft4.png]

I have come across this hack through your forum and I am so incredibly sad I do not speak Japanese. Do you or does anyone know if there will ever be any effort to translate this? I have thought about trying to play and watch the live playthrough to supplement but it seems daunting. I am really dying to play and enjoy this, it is my favorite game and I am always looking for new hacks!

Hello and welcome. I think I saw not too long ago on about a possible attempt to translate it, but so far this isn't confirmed to my knowledge. The hack gets updated frequently so any translation team's attempts would probably wait until it's completely considered finished. I'd image someday it will be translated, but for now T-Edition stands for 'T'oo bad it is in Japanese! I still had a blast playing it though along with Tomato's playthrough translation, witnessing some pretty amazing stuff.

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ff6 t-edition is really good, i played a bit of it before i recently updated it to 2.9.1, i will try to play it even with the language barrier on me, i might use Poemato's playthrough as a guide to muddle my way through, lol.  Finger

i watched a few good playthroughs of this on youtube, i may use those as guides considering one of them is version 2.9.0.  Smile

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Someone name Kain started translating this but unfortunately, only the menus. So I hope someday someone will continue his work.
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