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FFVI Project: Meltdown

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Hey. Reading your post, I get the same feeling I got from discussing with BTB and Synchysi during development of BNW. I like your ideas, and we think alike in many respects. We should definitely exchange ideas. Ideas and code! I'd like to see how you've implemented some of the stuff you mention.

For damage formula, I would consider having a look at later FF games. FFVII has a pretty decent formula.

Quote:-Agility figures into evasion and accuracy.
Good idea IMHO. What is the formula you're using?
I've given this some serious thought too. I've looked at WoW for inspiration, and I think I've come up with a good formula for it. It also includes Accuracy and Evasion figuring into Crit rate.

Quote:-Blind affects magic accuracy.
Funny, I just yesterday coded a patch for this on a whim! Smile

Quote:-Vitality figures into damage reduction as well as additional HP and MP growth.
Something I've considered as well and I'm curious as to how you've designed it. Does Stamina add to Defense?
My idea was to have Stamina factor into the Defense gained from equipment, but it's not something I've given a lot of thought. Something I HAVE thought about extensively though, is that it should NOT affect HP *growth*. Instead, it should be state-based. One point of Stamina should be worth a certain amount of HP depending on Level. I've yet to figure out how to implement this though...

Quote:-Steal currently functions like FFX. Regular item steal rate begins at 100% at is halved with each successful steal. Rare items are still unchanged in function, except that the Sneak Ring doubles the chance of landing one. Successfuly stealing a rare item blanks out both items.
The Sneak Ring increasing rare steal chance is a nice idea and one I've considered as well. One thing about the Sneak Ring that needs fixing is; it doesn't actually double the stealer's level for purposes of stealing - instead, it doubles the difference between user and target's level. So it doesn't actually help you if the target's level is too high.

Quote:-32'000HP damage cap, and I'd like to utilize the potential. I'm presently aiming for a 15-20K ceiling, possibly, in terms of normal damage values.
It's nice to have increased granularity to work with, but not strictly necessary. You could just scale damage down. But bigger numbers looks cool, and looks are important!
In fact, the coolest use of this would be to scale damage along a steep exponential curve, so that damage and HP start out fairly low, and towards endgame gets really high. Gives a nice sense of progress to the player. Hitting damage cap too early kills the satisfaction later in the game.

Quote:-Actual strength and vitality stats now exist for enemies, as do elemental resistence stats. (Previously, they only were provided with weakness, immunity, and absorb stats)
With a modded damage formula, this is pretty cool and maybe necessary. I've wanted elemental resistance for enemies for so long! It's not strictly necessary but it's still a good idea. Anything that gives more tools to the modder is good.

Quote:-Back row has a multiplier of 1.5x damage from magic. This could change, but I haven't gotten enough of the game done to really see its effect on balance.
I think the biggest problem with Row isn't so much that you're too protected, but that there is no real reason to be in the Front Row. The problem is there are so many attacks that ignore Row and Row only affects Fight. My opinion is that you shouldn't punish the player for hiding in the back Row, but encourage and reward risking the higher damage of being in the front Row. Not that it matters very much in vanilla, since physical damage from enemies is generally low.

Quote:-Yes, the gem box is nerfed. No, I don't know if it'll remain nerfed, at least as-is. I may reduce the nerf from half-damage to 3/4 damage.
There's precedent for 3/4 with Genji Glove, and with Offering, each doing 1.5x damage via two or four strikes. Another way might be to increase the MP cost of spells while wearing the Gem Box.

Quote:-ATB pauses during all animations. This is a dramatic change, as I'm sure certain people understand.
This sounds similar to the n-ATB version of BNW and I think it's a good idea, to increase the usefulness of Speed. It requires massive rebalancing however, though BTB and the crowd of BNW players will definitely help with that.
I actually LOVE the CTB battle system of FFX and if I could play FFVI like that, I'd be one happy camper. n-ATB is one step closer to CTB so I'm all for it.

Quote:-Save points recover HP and MP.
I think this is just a matter of preference and flavour. Vanilla already provides many cheap or free alternatives to using tents (mostly in the WoB) via events like beds and healing springs. More modern FF games do this and it's mostly a matter of convenience. As you say, the economy can be balanced without Tents. It's a good idea if you want your mod to feel more modern.

Quote:-I've dabbled in making curative items fractional, but have abandoned it. I may return to the idea. Presently, I intend to simply add a multiplier.
Multiplier is the way to go, absolutely.

Quote:-Natural magic lists exist for all characters, but presently only four are utilized. I've been considering at least partially utilizing more, but I would be unsure as to how to allocate that.
Perhaps for a class-based mod?

Quote:-I really do not want to give up esper bonuses, as that is one of the things that defines the game's system in my eyes.
Agreed. They do need to be worked over though. The biggest flaw of level up bonuses is that they encourage avoiding leveling up until you get espers with the correct bonuses, and there's also the tedious micromanagement involved with switching espers around, interrupting spell learning.

Quote:I'm probably forgetting some other changes, but this should give an idea of the scope I'm aiming for as far as balance. I presently do not have anything of substance to provide as a patch, unfortunately. Many enemies still use vanilla stats (I did balance up to Ultros on an older build, but I've changed much since and can't utilize that.)

Please share your code for your modifications!

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My code is far too sloppy, frequently uncommented, and constantly being revised for various purposes for me to release it. it's also too specific to my hack, in many cases, and some of it isn't mine.

I've scrapped esper bonuses in favor of static stat boosts indexed by esper. Growths are a nice concept on paper but they're a huge pain to balance and far too heavily encourage lowballing (which may not even be possible with my design; it certainly won't be safe).

Damage is designed to cap out at very high levels under certain circumstances with my new formula. you won't even see over 10k in the maingame.

Agility is added as a flat + agi/16 modifier if I recall. I'd have to look it up. Vitality is added as vit/4 to defense and magic defense.

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Aw. I didn't mean release for general purpose use, I just wanted to see how you've done certain things so I can learn. How to make the ATB timer stop for animations, for example.

Is Speed and Stamina added to character's Evade, Defense and Magic defense only during damage modification/hit calculation, or is it visible in menus etc?

What do you mean by static boosts? Do espers now function like equipment with regards to stat bonuses? As in, equipping one gives -7..+7 Mag/Spd/Sta/Vig, and unequipping it removes that bonus/penalty? Is that static boost scaled by level? Do you think it should be?

What do you think of extending that idea so that espers can grant any item effect on equip? Because that would be pretty cool.

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Long time since I updated, so I'll just post where I stand now.

Meltdown is a WIP Final Fantasy 6 romhack that aims, primarily, to make major changes to the battle system, and secondarily, to re-do overlooked story content, mostly in the World of Ruin. The former is what I have been working on up to now, and will be what I focus on up to 2.0. After I finish with the bulk of my battle work and am satisfied, I will begin work on plot content. 
A thread exists on ID which has fallen to the mists of time and become largely irrelevent. I'm somewhat hoping to begin developing enough displayable content to actually have something to show now. I have some screenshots, but nothing of battles since a lot of the changes are behind the scenes. If anybody's interested, once I actually finish enemies and then begin working on AI up to Ultros, or maybe Zozo, I'll put up an early alpha build. I fully expect it'll be wonky and possibly even buggy though.
Primary changes:
  • GBA script and nomenclature, subject to change but unlikely to see substantial modification, at least until 2.0.
This is game-wide. Due to the nature of how I have to make my changes, battle dialogue will probably remain unchanged until I'm ready for a major release. Spells, items (those which haven't been removed or modified, anyway), blitzes, enemy names, and most other aspects have been pulled from the GBA version. Bushido is renamed Tachi, because Bushido is a made-up bullshit translation and if we're running with that, I'm using more accurate series precedent.
  • Thorough rebalancing of enemies and PCs.
Expect a similar scale to BNW. Each character has their own HP and MP growth, and their own stat growths to level 20. Enemies will be rewritten to be competent and dangerous if underestimated. Enemies also have a few assigned stats which they previously did not. Trying to run underleveled may not be a good idea, but I certainly have no issue with people trying.
  • Complete overhaul of esper system.
Let's break this down:
[Image: V3i0jr0.png]
Each esper has its own level.
Espers may contain up to 10 spells. (This list is not final. I've already made first-pass lists, and none of them actually have 10 spells.)
Esper spells are imbued, meaning they are applied on equip and removed on unequip.
Esper spells are learned at the level displayed.
Each level gives that esper a bonus stat, which is applied on equip.
Each esper may be raised to level 25.
Gaining an esper level:
  1. Enemies have assigned skill experience values.
  2. Each time you gain 100 Skill EXP, you gain 1 Skill Point (SP).
  3. Once you have enough SP, you can then purchase an esper level for an available stat (if the value is white, not grey)
  4. Profit?
  5. Profit!
The player chooses a stat to boost with each level applied. These boosts cap at 25 total per esper, and are applied to the esper in the same way spells are.
  • Several new relic effects.
The main presently implemented effect allows the wearer to bypass reflect entirely when casting spells. I have yet to give the relic a satisfactory name.
Present other ideas include: Allowing Runic to absorb two spells instead of one, and a Pray/Health command swap for Relm
  • Modified Runic.
Celes's Runic effect now lasts until it's consumed, rather than until her next turn comes up. In exchange, however, Celes (or Gogo) now incur a -20 Defense penalty while under the effect or Runic. This would be unchanged with my proposed relic effect.
  • Numerous enemy AI tweaks and additions. Players may or may not notice these when they come into play.
I can manipulate enemy stats and properties at will. I'm presently trying to think of a way to make it relatively transparent, but it's a work in progress. I'd like to minimize invisible changes.
I can also properly counter MP milling, so expect an actual fight if you try to MP kill Ultima Weapon.
  • Many modified battle mechanics.
Back row now only reduces damage by 25%.
Defend reduces damage by 25%, but applies to magic as well. Defend also restores a small amount of HP and MP. This value is subject to change.
Physical and magical damage both use vanilla's magical damage formula at present. I'm not entirely fond of it, but i'm less fond of the original strength formula and have yet to find a satisfactory custom formula which is feasible to code into the game. I'm open to ideas as long as they aren't logarithmic and don't involve things like square roots.
Some spells replace their primary stat component (magic if magical, strength if physical) with vitality. This may extend to all healing spells, but that's purely theory right now.
Physical tachi and blitz techniques now respect row.
Working on dealing with the genji glove/gauntlet issue. I'm undetermined as to whether they remain a relic or get applied more directly to weaponery.
Rages are overhauled. Still a WIP though. There are only 48 rages, and I'm considering removing the leap mechanic entirely. Nobody likes rage grinding.
Morph will undergo a change. Have a few half-baked ideas floating around. Still exploring options.
All (non-Gogo/Umaro) characters have natural magic tables, but only Terra, Cayenne, Celes, Shadow, Relm, and Stragos have anything filled right now. Shadow may be axed from that list.
Shadow will not run off anymore.
nATB, identical to BNW.
With nATB, tachi charge speed is no longer functionally relevent. However, I still have the speed modification in place. I intend to slow this slightly, as its default speed is way too fast for my liking.
Colored MP damage display. This took forever to get to work properly for me, because . . .
All actors may now deal up to 32,000 HP damage in a single strike.
Vitality adds to defense fractionally. This will likely be changed, though ideally not removed.
I intend to give status display an overhaul, much as I did in BNW. The exact nature I am unsure of at this point.
Sap is going to become manasap and poison will replace its function -- Poison will no longer have an element, and the poison element will be renamed to Darkness.
Learned spells from items are now imbued.
Steals now function as they do in FFX. There are still two item slots. However, a common item steal attempt will have a 100% success rate on the first try. You may continue stealing common items, with the success rate being halved with each successful steal. A successful rare item steal will blank both items on that enemy and you will no longer be able to steal from it. The Thief's Bracer will raise rare steal rate.
Weapons/shields cannot be swapped in battle due to issues with imbued magic.
This is actually all I can remember looking at my assembly files alone. More has likely been changed that I have forgotten about.
  • Quality of life improvements, some of which appeared in BNW, either coded by synchysi or myself for it.
[Image: hbJRgSY.png]
Encounter rate option.
Battle speed does work, unlike BNW's (which I removed the option for anyway).
Item sort sorts by either healing or weapons (for throwing) first.
Difficulty selecter. This will be locked to Normal early on, then expanded to include Hard later. Hard will have higher (hand-picked!, not straight percentage) stats and some modifications to enemy abilities. A third option will eventually be added, likely once I've worked through the end of the game. The last difficulty will have new AI, so it needs special attention. Am considering the prospect of higher exp on Normal and higher Gil on Hard.
[Image: ITkUHnC.png]
Rages will have descriptions. This is already coded in, but is naught but placeholders.
[Image: qOJHFOo.png]
Gear stats screen shows both imbued spells, if two exist, and also shows weapon accuracy, if relevent.
[Image: PRK19xe.png]
Will add this if people like it and want it, with the understanding that the battle menu equvilent will go unchanged (unless some unlucky soul decides they want to tackle it for me).

I am presently trying to finish enemy properties up (working on status vulnerabilities, and then plan to begin going through and doing basic stat assignment and AI up to at least the 3 scenarios splits). I simply wanted to post this to gauge interest and bounce ideas for feedback.

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I reeeeeeeaaaallly like those Esper changes. Good stuff all around.

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Meltdown HYPE! Good to hear a progress report dn, I'm really looking forward to all of these good things coming to fruition. Smile

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