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I am done with my beloved Seifer Almasy!
What do you guys think?

I obviously used Leo as base. Smile
[Image: ff8-seifer.png]

I am doing Auron atm, using my seifer as base Tongue
[Image: xeblon-ff10-auron.png]

Does Seifer need Tweaking?
I wanted his "ready" stance look like his battle stance in the game... :/

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I am no expert in spriting, but you can tell that some poses need to be redone for seifer. Specifically, the ones I am talking about are the attacked pose and the one where seifer is looking sad while looking left. There is something wrong about his hair on both.

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he needs quite a bit of work

try to complete it in the usme format

"Sometimes ninjas do wrong to each other, and in dat way the force of tha earf' comes around da moon - and at that presence, da dirt, it overshadows the grass, so you're like, I can't cut dis grass, there's no sun comin' through. So in order to enable each other the two fruits have to look each other in da eye and understand we can only be right, as da ripe is wrong, you know what I mean?"


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