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Forum Update Bug Reports / Suggestions Thread
This thread is to report bug, styling/display problems and typos. You can also make suggestion on new, old or future features.

If you want to report something else other than a typo or contradictory information, please specify which browser you are using (IE bugs will be ignored, unless they appear in Firefox or Chrome as well). You can report stuff happening with Opera or other browsers, even mobile ones, but be aware that this theme was not designed with mobile devices in mind. A speci
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Misc updates thread
Since some forum pages are no longer threads I can make an update post on, I create this thread for misc updates concerning the forum that are not bugfixes or which does not pertain to the new year's main update. Comments / suggestions allowed!


1) Updated FFVI Explore to version 0.3a (Tools page)

From the author comments:

[i]a) improved Archive/Patch tabs so that it doesn't

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