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Making more space for writing events
Here's a small video tutorial I did about the event command B2 which if used properly allow you to write much bigger event without wondering about free space in banks CA, CB or CC.

I assume you know how to hex edit and and at leats be able to modify a bit an event to understand that command and the tutorial. You'll need an hex editor, maybe the event dump (found here), an event commands list found on the same webpage. You c
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Unused space spreadsheet I've compiled
Hi all.  I wanted to share this spreadsheet I've had compiled for a bit in case no one's got something already out there (I couldn't find anything).  There are two tabs, one with offsets on a headered ROM and a tab for a ROM without a header.  I've got both Decimal and Hex offsets here as well just in case.  Thought this might help anyone wanting a quick way to see what free space is in a normal unmodified ROM.  Feel free to post this elsewhere but please give credit.  :Smile 


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