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Discord Jams
Ok so i figured it'd be a good idea to make a topic about this so we are all a lil bit better coordinated for next time, let's put up some songs we should all try to learn!

So from me id like to definitely perfect that opera we almost had it guys lol
decisive battle 
man with a machine gun... need to know this
some zelda stuff might be fun also, thoughts guys?

also a possible skype jam before hand might help to know what keys each of us will use
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FF6 Music Overhaul
Hi all,

I come seeking aid for a complete music overhaul project I'm working on. This is for the PC\Steam version of the game, but I hear that the game files are identical so it could be useful for other ff6 formats.

I cannot get the songs that I've included in the game (I've done them all) to loop properly.

What I did:
I took all the music .akb files using FFVIExplore, found orchestral music online, converted those to .obb, looped them by samples (LoopStart=  and LoopEnd=) in Audacity
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Opera hack
Hey everyone!

So I'm new to this forum because I think i might need some help in making my hack idea happen.
My idea is to have a hack of the opera scene and JUST the opera scene. Everything else can go haha.
I want to change out Celes Sprite, which is easy, but Im wondering how i could change the Music and the text + the scripted movement and timing.
As I'm not a super good coder (this hack is supposed to be part of my art school graduation...) I had quite some trouble understanding the t
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music patches
Where can I find ips patches for changing music. is there any site of custom made music?
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Music Hacking FFV on FF6
Hey this is my first post in this forum and i have a problem about music. I would use music of FFV in FF6, not all the playlist just one or two music about FFV but i want change the Boss battle song, The Fierce Battle about Atma Weapon and the Final Battle just that. I don't understand how to change the Music if someone can explain me better i think can could help me. Thanks for you understand ! Hello 

PS : I have already read the FAQ and some subject about "How to change music" like me but

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