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FF5 Menu Text Location
Hello all! I'm playing around with FF5e_Text_Editor v1.6. I've used it to extend the main menu and magic menu text each by one character, but I don't see anywhere in the editor where I can directly edit the actual text that's shown in the menu. You can change the pointer but not the text itself. Anyone know if I can do that in the editor, and if not where that text is in the ROM?

The menu text I'm looking to change is:
Stats -> Status
Confg -> Config
DmMgc -> Time
Esper -> Summon
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Roster, Party Select, Graphics OAM
Well, I'm stumped on this one. Completely.

I can use "above normal sprite sheets" in battle, I can get one to not crash or go ballistic in the load/save menu (even if its not the correct sprite, still works as an unglitched place holder) not ideal, but manageable. Hell, they show up perfect in the shop screen too.

Pull up a party select screen? Well, it results in an invisible sprite... And random screen glitches on everything else. If the cursor is on that sprite the portrait, data, and e

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