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FF5 Shield
FF5 Shield
version 1.0
released on 04/22/2016
apply to FF3us
wiki entry

[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/wiki/lib/exe/...shield.png]


This patch is quite simple. It change the shield graphic in its F
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FF5 Menu Text Location
Hello all! I'm playing around with FF5e_Text_Editor v1.6. I've used it to extend the main menu and magic menu text each by one character, but I don't see anywhere in the editor where I can directly edit the actual text that's shown in the menu. You can change the pointer but not the text itself. Anyone know if I can do that in the editor, and if not where that text is in the ROM?

The menu text I'm looking to change is:
Stats -> Status
Confg -> Config
DmMgc -> Time
Esper -> Summon
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Looking for help on a new FF5 ROM hack
Howdy everyone,

We're currently working on a new ROM hack for FF5 and could really use some extra hands.  This hack is relatively minimal, but as I'm sure many of you know, this game can be a bit.... difficult to work with at times.
We'd really love some help in the ASM department particularly focused on leveling and menus.  But any help at all would be welcome.
Here's some info about the planned features for the hack.

Currently there's no title for the hack yet.

The main core of the

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