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FF5 Shield
FF5 Shield
version 1.0
released on 04/22/2016
apply to FF3us
wiki entry

[Image: https://www.ff6hacking.com/wiki/lib/exe/...shield.png]


This patch is quite simple. It change the shield graphic in its F
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FF5 Menu Text Location
Hello all! I'm playing around with FF5e_Text_Editor v1.6. I've used it to extend the main menu and magic menu text each by one character, but I don't see anywhere in the editor where I can directly edit the actual text that's shown in the menu. You can change the pointer but not the text itself. Anyone know if I can do that in the editor, and if not where that text is in the ROM?

The menu text I'm looking to change is:
Stats -> Status
Confg -> Config
DmMgc -> Time
Esper -> Summon

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