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Final Fantasy Sound Effects
A bunch of sound effects (FF1 to FF9) I've collected over the time. It's not all sounds from the game mentioned, especially FF1, FF2 and FF3. There's also a misc SE folder with possible duplicates.


Download (168MB)
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FF : After World **Dead Project**
This project is dead.


Great news! I figure out how to post a project Laugh  Now here is the work in progress for this hack:

Main Character in Development

[Image: http://www.suraisu.com/ffmod/sprite000.png]
  • Luca - 31yrs old - Her physical form changes ( more human rather than dwarf ) through the infusion of the dark crystals. Cybernetic enhancements were also added during Project Dark to create a Warrior of Darkness.
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Filipinac's 2017 Sprites
Hey guys, i'm released sprite sheets on 2017/2018, sprite sheets are:

- Zero (Mega Man X)
- Seven (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Hiryu (Strider)
- Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Dark Knight Cecil (Final Fantasy 4)
- Eiko Trance (Final Fantasy 9)
- Haurchefant (Final Fantasy 14)
- Kain (Final Fantasy 4)
- Kelger (Final Fantasy 5)
- King (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Seifer (Final Fantasy 8)
- Squall (Final Fantasy 8)
- Ysayle (Final Fantasy 14)

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Has anyone managed any party hacking in FF4: The After Years?
Specifically, I'm talking about the WiiWare version. I've been looking everywhere to see if anyone's made any sort of hacks or even Ocarina/Gecko/Whatever codes for the WiiWare version of TAY that allows SOME way to let the player put any party member in into their party.

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