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Final Fantasy Sound Effects
A bunch of sound effects (FF1 to FF9) I've collected over the time. It's not all sounds from the game mentioned, especially FF1, FF2 and FF3. There's also a misc SE folder with possible duplicates.


Download (168MB)
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FF : After World **Dead Project**
This project is dead.


Great news! I figure out how to post a project Laugh  Now here is the work in progress for this hack:

Main Character in Development

[Image: http://www.suraisu.com/ffmod/sprite000.png]
  • Luca - 31yrs old - Her physical form changes ( more human rather than dwarf ) through the infusion of the dark crystals. Cybernetic enhancements were also added during Project Dark to create a Warrior of Darkness.
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Filipinac's 2017 Sprites
Hey guys, i'm released sprite sheets on 2017/2018, sprite sheets are:

- Zero (Mega Man X)
- Seven (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Hiryu (Strider)
- Ace (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Dark Knight Cecil (Final Fantasy 4)
- Eiko Trance (Final Fantasy 9)
- Haurchefant (Final Fantasy 14)
- Kain (Final Fantasy 4)
- Kelger (Final Fantasy 5)
- King (Final Fantasy Type-0)
- Seifer (Final Fantasy 8)
- Squall (Final Fantasy 8)
- Ysayle (Final Fantasy 14)

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Has anyone managed any party hacking in FF4: The After Years?
Specifically, I'm talking about the WiiWare version. I've been looking everywhere to see if anyone's made any sort of hacks or even Ocarina/Gecko/Whatever codes for the WiiWare version of TAY that allows SOME way to let the player put any party member in into their party.
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Kain/Cecil sprites request
Sup everybody, looking for some descent kain/ dark knight cecil sprites, have a couple I’ve been working on but finding it hard to get right.


Above sprites are Metroid quests sprites from eternal crystals slightly modified for better walking movement but need some work, trying to keep to original kain and Cecil but not too good at it lol any help or advice appreciated.
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Ff6 characters to ff4 patch
Here’s my patch to change characters  to ff4 characters. Not all characters are changed but most are and recoloured all sprites and npc to match, took a while lol let me know if there’s any problems with it.

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