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Making more space for writing events
Here's a small video tutorial I did about the event command B2 which if used properly allow you to write much bigger event without wondering about free space in banks CA, CB or CC.

I assume you know how to hex edit and and at leats be able to modify a bit an event to understand that command and the tutorial. You'll need an hex editor, maybe the event dump (found here), an event commands list found on the same webpage. You c
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Basic Event Commands (video)
Tutorial #2: Basic Commands

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUsn2Y6yYp0]

Since I decided to do a series, I'll cramp up the tutorials in this thread.

In this tutorial I'm editing the multi-party Narshe mine battle by covering basic command concerning character creation as well as party setup. I also explain some effects commands such as sound effects and screen flashing. This tutorial is aimed for beginners that kno
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Equipment Check Event Command
Equipment Check Event Command
version 1.1
released on 04/28/2016
Apply to a FF3us
wiki entry


equipcheckEE.asm: For implementation in another bank than $C0
equipcheckC0.asm: For implementation in bank $C0

Apply with xkas 0.06
Command example: [i]xkas equip
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Need help with event flag.
Hello everyone, yesterday I was playing the semi-translated FF6 T-Edition and I intentionally skipped the Shoat (defeated) and Carbuncle battles that took place after the first fight with Kefka, and now I'm right before the Floating Continent. It ocurred to me to watch the Poemato's walkthrough of the hack to see if I missed something, until I saw this.
[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dvz731dHMC0&t=384s]
How can I do to make those three npc to appear in that place to figh
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Creating 10 Choices
Hello! I'm new here, and new to FF6 hacking in general. I'm currently trying a few things by hex-editing an FF3 (Snes) rom. My current goal is creating the ability to choose a permanent Job Class for your characters at the start of the game. Like, if I wanted Edgar to be able to use Blitz instead of Tools, I can program (40 04 05) to give Edgar Sabin's stats and commands instead of his own. Doing it in Hex is easy, but allowing the player a chance to decide who gets what is a whole other

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