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Multiple use "Morph" Commands
Scrolling through C2, and glancing at some of the morph notes got me thinking.

I know it's possible to have one command show up in a list based on the sprite/character its given to (that part DID work with possess, despite needing a little adjustment for the faster button pushers out there).

So... Why not multiple "Morph" commands? Yes, they'd still use the same timer (not worth the work or resources of multiple morph timers), but if the rate of burn was decreased, or nulled entirely in al
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Check LEAP against known Rages?
Would it be possible to disable or enable the Leap command (still on Veldt) based on known or unknown Rages?

I was always fond of having Leap replace Rage while on the Veldt, using only one commamd slot, allowing Gau to have the standard Fight command as well.

What I haven't done is ever attempted a check against known Rages in order to enable Leap to replace Rage. Never checked against known Rages or known spells/skills for anything for that matter...

Not even sure if the vanilla game

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