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Walk Through Walls
I was told that people would probably find these useful so I'm posting. These are raw and game genie codes for FF6 that work without issues (unlike existing codes). As far as I'm aware there isn't any other through wall code for the overworld. I'm also providing the ASM for hacks (helps me with testing).

Walk through walls in Towns/Dungeons:

[code]Raw: C04E4E:EA+C04E4F:EA+C04E57:EA+C04E58:EA+C04E6A:EA+C04E6B:EA+C04E73:EA+C04E74:EA+C04E7E:EA+C04E7F:EA+C04E86:EA+C04E87:EA+C04E8D:EA+C04E8E:EA

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