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FFVI Divergent Paths - EX: an addon to Divergent Paths

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Hi everyone! I have been working on this project off and on for a few months now and I believe I finally have my project to a point where I feel it is ready for public release!

What this is: This is an addon patch for PowerPanda's excellent Divergent Paths mod for Final Fantasy 6 for the Super Nintendo! Since this is an addon, it is required that you install Divergent Paths first before installing this. This is not a standalone patch! It was done this way at PowerPanda's request so there will not be a standalone version.

What it does:
  • Changes lesser used/less useful Spells/Lores/Dances/SwdTechs/Blitzes into more useful versions
  • Changes all Blitzes to only require 1 button input for better accessibility
  • Changes spell learning rates and what spells each Esper teaches
  • Creates ultimate equipment for each character to help shore up weaknesses/keep them somewhat special at the end of the game
  • Reworks several items to give items more use throughout the game
  • Reworked the Colosseum so that nearly everything can be bet and give an item (no more Chupon!)
  • Modifies the AI/Moveset/Weaknesses of some later bosses and some WoR enemies to make them slightly harder/more interesting to make up for the added skills/equipment given to the player
What it does not do:
  • Despite some of the changes, this is not intended to be a difficulty patch
  • Change the story from Divergent Paths
More detailed information can be found in the changes.txt file in the .zip file attached to this post.

If there are any questions, comments or suggestions feel free to post them here or find me on the FF6Hacking Discord!

Thank you: 

To PowerPanda for making Divergent Paths, updating the changed spell/skill descriptions, and answering many of my questions in the FF6 Hacking Discord!
To DrakeyC for allowing me to use their Bazooka mod found at:
To Fire Storm who insipred the idea behind the new enemy at Mt. Zozo!
To everyone who answered my many questions in the FF6 Hacking Discord!
To the makers of FF3usME for making editing so easy that even I could do it!
To my family for being an inspiration and pushing me to actually complete things!

To you for reading this post and hopefully trying this out!

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