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FFX: Fantasy War Main Character Recreation (Knight, Hunter, Black Mage and Chocobo)

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This sprite release it's based around 4 Final Fantasy characters who aren't from an official game, but from an Unlicenced Game Boy Color game called Final Fantasy X Fantasy War: It's a side scroller beat'm up with a stolen Sountrack from King Of Fighters 95 GB and features player sprites which are clearly based around the NES Version of FFIII. Every character of this release is accompained by revamped and extended portrait of the one one used on the bootleg's character selection screen and I also included a player sprite from the original game in this thread for comparison purpose.

Knight (Semi-Record Keeper Recreation)
[Image: 0FdLaM2.png][Image: Y0m6Kf6.png][Image: ntHUptU.png]
The strongest and easy character of the bootleg game due to his sword allowing him attack enemies from a longer range. This FFVI version of
him was bulit around the FFRK verison of the knight, from which retains most of the side poses, with the only thing change being the head reworked to match the one from the bootleg (Hence the meaning of the Semi-Recreation title): The plain grey crown of the Record Keeper version was replaced with a recreation of the bootleg's one and the hair was changed from brown to red. For all the front poses I used Edgar as a base while the back ones were created by taking ispiration from the FF1 PSP sprites of the Knight. The Jap Letters/Frightened Terra pose is a recreation of his idle animation of the bootleg, complete with the inclusion of the same shield. It uses a custom palette inherited from the FFRK Knight with Edgar's Npc Color. His revamped portrait underwent some design changes, with the grey armor part of the outfit being redone to match the Player character sprite design.

Hunter (Record Keeper Recreation)
[Image: Zcgp3Vm.png][Image: LVUXuiq.png][Image: x3EFFZc.png]
He's a long range type character in the bootleg, attacking with arrows and a dashing kick. This is the only character of the release whose sprites
can be defined as 100% Record Keeper recreation: The side pose are mostly unchanged from the mobile game with the only difference being the removal of some colors in his custom palette and the light brown color of the jacket being changed to a slightly darker one. The front and back were made by using Locke as a base (Except for the Laughing Animation, which is original) and taking inspiration from the (Very small) OW sprites from the NES version of Final Fantasy III. The Jap Letters/Frightened Terra is based on his (Really cool) appearance on the bootleg's intro, but for best use of it, i suggest using it with the character standing to the side of a tree or a wall. It has a custom palette with Locke's NPC colors. The revamped portrait was updated with the outfit design of the Record Keeper Version.

Black Mage
[Image: J4letGL.png][Image: hcg5MHZ.png][Image: ODfkjxZ.png]
He is the most difficult and weak character in the bootleg, attacking with a close range fireball, but my favourite regarding the desgin and portrait.
The front sprites are in part original, mainly the head part, with the outfit design taken from Setzer, who was used as base for most of the Front poses (with the exception of the scared animation, based on Kefka's) and some of side poses (most notably the walking animation).
The side is a faithful recreation of the bootleg design, with the top part (Eyes and hat) being taken from the FFRK version of the Black Mage and reused for most of the battle poses. The Near Death is based on FFRK/NES version (Featured as the tent sprite), while the casting animation is a mix of Record keeper and Setzer's. The Jap Letters/Frightened Terra pose is also based on the bootleg's intro, complete with the same colored magic orb. Its custom palette include the blue color the bootleg sprite, expanded with an addictional light one, and the 3 yellow hat and skin colors of the FFRK version, with the darker yellow replacing the white outfit color of the bootleg and the blue eyes of FFRK one.

[Image: DbuWZ2K.png][Image: nyrzy5x.png][Image: oK3YHRo.png]
Yes, there's a playable Chocobo in that unlicenced game, and with a well-done sprite for being part of a pirate GBC Game!
It the only character of the release made 100% from scratch and he put my spriting skill to test due to him not being a humanoid character. At it shows,his new FFVI designs takes inspirations from the rideble chocobo, complete with the same color palette placement: The front and back poses are a scaled down version of the rideble one, with some inspiration taken from the Final Fantasy V overworld of Boko (Used as the tent), while the side ones are a faithful recreation of the bootleg's design, which despite losing some details due to the reduced size such as the tail feather, it retains his original eyes with the nice addiction of blue pupils. Due to how the eyes were placed, he doesn't have any closed eyes or winking animations. Its custom palette includes Palette 5 NPC Colors, making him a perfect candidate as a Mog replacement.
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Those are nice work! I really like the black mage : )

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