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Found some of my first SPC imports

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I was digging through some old CDRs from 10+ years ago and found some of my first SPC and BRR experimentation and importations in .spc format.  Was feeling a bit nostalgic and proud on how far this has come since I pioneered hacking the Square SPC core a very long time ago.  Guys like GiNattak and Vehek and a few others have really taken this whole Square SPC core thing and blown it up and made it really what it is today, and that gives me pride.  So, my hats off and gratitude for the work everyone has done.  Just think, this all started in 2000 when I broke my right femur and couldn't work so started hacking FF6 (and FF4 in secret) when I joined Yousei's board.  How's that for some history!

For these videos I converted the .spc to .wav, then converted them to video, and uploaded them to youtube.  Thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane.  I'll be putting up only a few at a time and I don't have very many.  I'll update this topic once I do more.  A few of these I recorded in SNES9x and uploaded to youtube 10+ years ago so I added the original link to those videos in the descriptions of these new ones for reference.  :)

Please note: The first video has a high bitrate on the audio but all videos afterwards will be @ 160kbps, if you want high quality rips of these you'll need to contact me in private here, email, or on my forum.  

[Image: jce3000gt_md.png]

[Image: jce3000gt.jpg]

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The CT fanfare import sound very legit.. The remix of Kefka's Tower theme is similar to original song, except for the bass that sound different. As for the RS3 FF6 theme, it sound good except the drum / bass that is not clear enough. But if we go back +10 years, it was some pretty amazing work for the time!
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