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Planing a return - Catone - 08-13-2019

Yeah, I've been thinking of coming back and finishing my old work. I'll have to relearn everything then learn to read my notes again, but the last thing I was working on actually had some level of promise to turn I to a proper full game mod, which I'll discuss next. If I manage a return to nodding it won't be immediate and probably won't show any proper results for even longer but as with most massive mods, eventually on both. Gotta get several things straightened out first in order to dedicate enough time to half know what I'm doing again.

Now, the mod I'm thinking of (I may have mentioned all of this once upon a time) is not really a "new" game or story, but a massive expansion of what is FF6. More detail, more side quest, more pixels, more things that kill you, more headaches, more everything. 

The last thing I was working on was rewriting the event code. ALL the event code. I completed the absolute nessisery code and sprite sheets needed for event code fluffing and had started going through the first visit to Narsh making the magitech fodder know as Narsh Guards more animated using their expanded sprite sheets to better display their emotional distress and general soiling of underpants they are experiencing just before receiving a magitech missle suppository then being burned alive. Now that I think about it, need to edit in the line "should have work the Brown pants today" and possibly get an artist to make a special pose for the guards to really express how bad their situation is. 

But yes, that is the goal, well at least that is the FF6 I would like to play. I've really had the urge to play it through lately and I want to play it like that anyway. Other than a handful of text changes and an expanded use of the full sprite sheets, I want the core game to truly be FF6, just with extra hot fudge and a cherry or 6 on top. Probably rewrite and update my first little mod with recruiting staff and such for the airship (update as in code it properly rather than the jumble of work arounds and amature coding the original was.) Also need to finish that Narsh battlefield expansion I started on too after I reread that old post and remember what the plan was. (Yes, I'm long winded with this stuff not only for conversation but so I can read and remember what I was doing much later.)

So I'd like to hear some ideas for expansion like that, I'll probably stick to the plan of rewriting the entire event code but some notes and ideas on major events that would be vastly improved by using expanded NPC sprite sheets as well as having virtually unlimited space for more code. (I seem to remember expanding the ROM size well beyond normal FF6 standards.) Also need ideas and script writing for completely new (and possible) side quest. 

Also maybe talking and creating hype will make me hurry up and get back into it faster.

Thanks for reading my rambling, have nice day.

RE: Planing a return - PowerPanda - 08-13-2019

Yikes, that sounds like a project you'll be working on for 15 years. Remember that the event coders did this, and only this, as their full-time job, for around a year.

RE: Planing a return - C-Dude - 08-13-2019

Well, if you're looking for ideas on scenarios for expansion, I'd first say start with PowerPanda's work. 3 Scenarios does a wonderful job balancing the party split, by giving Terra more to do before the meeting of Narshe [half of Sabin's scenario] and ensuring each group introduces only one new character. The story flows much more smoothly with those changes.

Other places that could benefit from expansion are the Zozo conversation with Ramuh (which could really benefit from being different for EVERY character that's there to contribute, rather than a bunch of rephrased lines with different speaker attribution). Locke being there could send the conversation down the myths of the War of the Magi (his grandmother's stories). Celes could turn it to talks about esper augmentation. Edgar to Vector politics and the fate of his parents. So on and so forth.

Likewise, the flashback with Maduin could benefit from a greatly expanded dialogue and event script. It could even extend into another scenario about Terra's childhood within the Magitek Research facility (I thought it was odd that she remembered being a baby, but not the rest of her life; my own hack addresses this in dialogue).

As far as side quests... there's a lot you can do there too. Umaro's recruitment was a bit of an afterthought and could benefit from a side quest... perhaps a scavenger hunt in the ruins of Narshe to gather components so he can finish carving his idol. Sabin running into his master Duncan felt pretty poorly executed: finding Duncan could have involved tracking Vargas across the World of Ruin (and fighting him several times). Edgar doesn't get a power up in the World of Ruin or have plot beyond his re-recruitment: maybe you could restrict the Debilitator and have him invent it by following a series of Figaro scholar notes to the library in the Ancient Castle beneath it (tying it to the Odin esper). Relm also doesn't have a significant quest after recruitment; the fake mustache is just shoved in a chest somewhere.
You could move Locke's World of Ruin recruitment to Narshe and make the Phoenix Cave his side quest... put the Thief's Knife and the relic that turns Steal into Capture in there. Mog and Gau are also lacking significant power-ups in the World of Ruin (as is Terra, though she does get a major one on recruitment...) which could be tied to side quests.

Hopefully these are helpful ideas. Basically, look at which characters got neglected in the second half of the game and expand on them.

EDIT: I had an idea for Mog. You could track how many dances he's learned (and tie at least one of them to a World of Ruin Zone, possibly the Water Rondo), and then have him talk to Draco at the Opera House. If he's learned all eight, Draco teaches Mog some new performance moves and gives him a "Stage Actor's Guild" card... a relic that when equipped keeps the 'Dance' status from being set and prevents 'Stumble'. Thus, Mog could choose a new dance each turn, or do something else after performing a dance move.
As for Relm... well, World of Ruin Albrook is pretty unused. Maybe there could be an event in the tavern there where Relm agrees to boost business by drawing caricatures, and you have to run around town convincing people to go get their portrait drawn. Once you get enough patrons, the bartender could give you the Fake Mustache.
Gau's already got the task to impress his father, but that can be expanded with some kind of fetch-quest. Basically a bunch of short airship trips to various stores to trigger scenes like the clothes shopping and the dining etiquette. At the end of it all, Gau could get a relic that keeps the Rage flag from being set (really powerful, actually, because then you can stack monster flags on him).

OH! One more thing! If you manage to save Cid, he tells Celes to bring Locke to meet him. Yet, if you do in the vanilla game, nothing happens! That scene could use an overhaul.

RE: Planing a return - Catone - 08-14-2019

Yep, exactly the kinda ideas I'm looking for. A couple of those I've already thought about needing filling out or actually using at all (like Cid, I mean wth? That much of a pain and chance to save him then... Nothing). I didn't think of expanding the short events though, but your right. Stuff like Gau and Sabin's "cut scene" could really use more interaction other than watch a cut scene, chuckle a tad and continue.

And yeah, not an extremely short task by any means, but once I relearn some coding, not really that long of a task. Rewrote the first Narsh invasion (guards attacking the magi-tek armor in a night. Sure its not that long but point is once I start on an event I generally go pretty quick. The point isn't to be quick though, it to be complete. Or at least rediculously longer.

Thanks for the ideas though. Hopefully I'll be able to grind it all out within a resonable time frame.

Edit: I just realized, stretching out events already in the game shouldn't really use that much extra resources. Verses making entirely new saved bits. I know the one I did before I had to reset and repurpose a bunch of WoB bits in order to use them all for one big quest. So yeah! Fleshing out events that already exist in an under utilized form, is absolutely something that needs to happen.