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Donation to the site - Yoshivoodoo - 04-14-2018

So as a newbie to the forums, I figured I would contribute a few of my sprites for those that want them, or edit them, or whatever ya want to do with them =). For my personal hack, I had to use the last 4 palette slots on some of them using the extended palette hack.
So without further ado i present to you...

Saber from Fate/Stay Night                      Agrias from FF Tactics                      Rinoa from FFVIII                            Azura from Fire Emblem                       Sierra an OC of mine                       And Arazia, another OC of mine
[Image: yoshivoodoo-other-saber.png]                                  [Image: yoshivoodoo-fft-agrias.png]                          [Image: yoshivoodoo-ff6-riona.png]                       [Image: yoshivoodoo-other-azura.png]                               [Image: yoshivoodoo-other-sierra.png]                          [Image: yoshivoodoo-other-arazia.png]

RE: Donation to the site - madsiur - 04-14-2018

Thanks for those submissions! I'll add them to the next version of the downloadable sprite database.

RE: Donation to the site - JWhiteLXXXIX - 04-16-2018

Nice ones bro welcome thanks for posting these

RE: Donation to the site - ScarabEnigma - 04-18-2018

I see ya borrowed ffrk sprites for the making of rinoa and agrias. Your improvised poses are not bad. I bid thee a welcome to the site.

RE: Donation to the site - Yoshivoodoo - 04-19-2018

Yes they were borrowed. And thank you =) I'm not quick at making them, but i do try to make them good. Gooder? More gooder?

Highish quality!

Yes lets go with that =)

RE: Donation to the site - madsiur - 04-19-2018

I think they are great! Some people use RK poses and the spritesheet turns bad, it's really not an indication of the final outcome.