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Patch: Stuck in a Pose fix - SilentEnigma - 02-20-2016

author: silentenigma
Download (obsolete - see below)


From Novalia Spirit's "100+ Bugs":
Quote:After any event-dictated movement occurs, the hero sprite may appear to be stuck in its last pose or its walking pose. The easiest way to see this is to go up and down some stairs. Most of
the time, if you stop walking, the hero sprite should appear in a walking pose. Other examples of this are when you jump on a turtle, when trying to go up a conveyor belt to no avail, and after a scene where your party was split temporarily.
One better example of this bug is when you're within the airship and talk to the guy who can unequip your characters. While you do so, the hero sprite should look South and be in a walking pose, yet, even if the said guy isn't South of the hero sprite, you can still talk to him since the game still considers you're facing him.

This hack fixes the bug by tapping into some code that deals with sprite-drawing, in a section that executes repeatedly when the player has control but is not pressing any directional buttons. A new subroutine in the range C0/D6A2 - C0/D6C7 (38 free bytes) C0/D6A0 - C0/D712 (115 free bytes) checks the direction of the character and transitions to the appropriate "standing-still" sprite if the character is in some other pose. 

Edit: The latest version of the patch is v2.8, updated 2020-02-20 (see attachment).

RE: Patch: Stuck in a Pose fix - SilentEnigma - 06-03-2019

This patch has been updated to further smooth out the transition from "stuck" to "standing still" in more circumstances.
If the player regains control when the character is in the collapsed position, the character will now gradually transition from collapsed to crouched to standing (i.e. after the Blackjack crash scene).

The updated patch (version 2.2) can be found here:

RE: Patch: Stuck in a Pose fix - SilentEnigma - 12-24-2019

The patch has been updated to version 2.3 2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7 2.8.

Summary of changes since v2.2:
- The patch's effect is disabled corrected in the Narshe snow maze and elsewhere via improved sprite orientation detection.
- In Zozo, characters will now remain crouched after jumping between buildings.
- In the town area of Vector, characters will now remain crouched after taking cover from Imperials.
- Improved transition timing out of the stuck "walking south" pose.

The updated patch has been included in an attachment to the OP above.