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RE: RotDS v1.5.1 download - Gi Nattak - 05-15-2016

(05-15-2016, 05:21 PM)Poco Loco Wrote: There is one more thing fool, new cloud sprite, I've been waiting for your response so I could send it to you, you know damn well you can't have a 1.5 without him fool lol

Ah yeah? I wasn't aware of this, which Cloud sprite are we talking about? You made or edited a new one?!

RE: RotDS v1.5.1 download - SSJ Rick - 05-15-2016

I told u the day I managed to use my cousin's pc, I told u but u were going 2 a party, I guess u got wrecked n forgot lol

but yeah fool its good to go

RE: RotDS v1.5.1 download - Gi Nattak - 05-18-2016

Hack has been updated to 1.5.2 due to a mistake causing Jump to miss every time... and to add a new Cloud sprite.

RE: RotDS v1.5.2 download - Landmine36 - 05-18-2016

i feel like.. one of those 2 updates is an excuse to put in the other aswell... which is which... idk.

RE: RotDS v1.5.2 download - A Dummy - 05-18-2016

Otis must have been drinking too much grog.

RE: RotDS v1.5.2 download - Gi Nattak - 05-19-2016

Haha yeah, him and me both! Had to do yet another update just now (v1.5.3 is current now), found a couple more bugs that slipped past me during testing... it happens.

RE: RotDS v1.5.2 download - Tenkarider - 05-19-2016

you should name quick fixes version something like or at this rate you'll risk to reach 1.6 just for fixing minor stuff  Hold on

RE: RotDS v1.5.3 download - Gi Nattak - 05-19-2016

I'm not a fan of 4-numbered versions, because it takes longer to say and are easier to forget and possibly become confused. Version numbering is something that is kind of preference how to go about it, and mine has not been the best I'll admit - there were huge updates like v1.4.3 where it should of been 1.5. right there. Then I skipped 1.4.9 to do just that, poor 1.4.9 never got a chance at life. Ah well it's all superficial to me as long as people know which the current version is, however it may read.

These bugs gotta stop sometime here, though lol. Perhaps this version will be the sacred 'no more bug' version, let us hope!

RE: RotDS v1.5.3 download - Landmine36 - 05-19-2016

if you could make something not have bugs, you would be a god among coders/devs, who can't ever seem to release a game without bugs.

RE: RotDS v1.5.4 download - Gi Nattak - 05-31-2016

Updated hack to v1.5.4 today, had to do it somewhat pre-mature due to an event freeze emergency issue. So the next version will feature the difficulty selection feature (courtesy of Madsiur) that was planned for this release. And possibly a nice artbook/instruction manuel (courtesy of James White) as well, but that may still take a while.


- fixed an unforgivable game-breaking freeze in WoR Jericho.
- fixed a bug with Otis jumping in the air, dying, and not coming back down.
- fixed a bug with colosseum propagator not dying.
- greatly editited final Kefka AI script.
- nerfed Gladiator enemy.
- removed the odd case of Sleeping Bags being added to the inventory after Tritoch.
- removed back row check flag for Galick Gun.
- fixed a bug in propagator's main script.
- added Think0028's nATB basic patch to the 'extras' folder.