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RE: RotDS v2.8 download - SapoLope - 07-10-2022

Hi! How about V3? I know that you have been very busy about your own life, but i would lime to know if i should reestart a new game now, or wait and tru the new version. Hugs for all

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 07-11-2022

Actual work for v3.0 hasn’t begun yet, outside of some blueprinting. We’ve been working on getting v2.9 out, which will be a large update. There is no ETA for v3.0, once 2.9 is out then work will most likely and hopefully begin on it. I’d definitely recommend waiting for 2.9 though to play it again, and not wait for a possible 3.0 just because nothing is for certain regarding it and 2.9 will be a nice large update.

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - setzer1000 - 09-02-2022

Hey Gi, I have played this hack up to where you get the airship and to be honest, it's amazing! (Also kind of new as well) Smile

RE: RotDS v2.8 download - Gi Nattak - 09-02-2022

Heya, welcome to the site! That's good to hear, glad you're enjoying it. Smile
We got a big update that's right around the corner, version 2.9, so I hope you'll look forward to it as well!