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RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Warrax - 10-16-2015

Do you have a stand alone patch that only have the parts that adds General Leo? a patch that doesn't have the supplement patches and doesn't have the other "fixes". Thanks.

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Vanya - 10-23-2015

Nicely done. I love the interjection of FF2's plot into the opera. Brilliant!

RE: My new hack: General Leo Edition - Fenrir - 08-02-2016

Hello fedorajoe, the last version that I played was 2. something and enjoyed it. Your current version, 3.2 has a few things that would need to be fix. The first, there's a missing piece of dialogue from the vanilla version of the game. In Figaro Castle at the beginning of the game, one of Kefka's soldiers does not have a line after Edgar speaks to him. Here is the missing line that can be inserted.

TROOPER: Allies? The Empire and this back-water, two-bit kingdom?!

The second, the battle intro for both Shadow and Leo would need to be swap, currently Shadow uses Leo's battle intro and vise-versa.


The third and final, you've altered quite a few weapons. So, when using the Jump command with these new weapons. They will not have the correct "descending" weapon sprite. For example, Dark Eternal doesn't have the greatsword weapon sprite when the jumper descends. Well, Dark Eternal was created out of the Tack Star and if it was equippable in the vanilla version, the character descending on the target would be portrait weaponless.


RE: General Leo Edition - General_Leo - 04-13-2020

Thank you for your hard work on this Mod. This is my favorite mod.

RE: General Leo Edition - Setzer - 06-27-2020

(04-13-2020, 07:04 PM)General_Leo Wrote: Thank you for your hard work on this Mod. This is my favorite mod.

I supposed it would =P

Hi, this is the first FFVI hack I play, and there are some changes I noticed, for which I found comments about in the readme file, but one doubt still remains. I don't know if fedorajoe's still around, since this topic looks kinda old, but still, someone might know the answer.

Some Updates History in the readme mentions "enemy stats" changes, I just wanted to know if the itens you could steal from the monsters were changed in anyway, and/or the difficulty to steal them.

Thanks in advance.