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Teleportation circle tiles?

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Is it possible to create tiles/events which move you to a specific tile in a different field map? Like let's say there's an entrance tile in a basement in South Figaro that teleports you to an exit tile in Thamasa.

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It may be as simple as the code below. You could have an event trigger anywhere that does a similar thing. It's not a problem for exit tiles since they can teleport you to another map.

CA/042F: 79    Place party 1 on map $0011 (Falcon, upper deck (leaving the Tomb / "We're going in!" / Bahamut / ending))
CA/0437: 45    Refresh objects
CA/0438: 38    Hold screen
CA/0439: 46    Make party 1 the current party
CA/043B: 45    Refresh objects
CA/043C: 47    Make character in slot 0 the lead character
CA/043D: 31    Begin action queue for character $31 (Party Character 0), 5 bytes long (Wait until complete)
CA/043F: D5        Set vehicle/entity's position to (15, 10)
CA/0442: CE        Turn vehicle/entity down
CA/0443: FF        End queue
CA/0444: 41    Show object $31

Edit: In your event you'll also need to set the parent map (WoB or WoR) and the location (this can be done with command 6C), in order to exit at the right place on the world map if you exit the new location your are in.
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If you are trying to move all parties to a different map than the current one I would recommend event commands 0x6a/0x6b. 0x6a fades out the screen first and 0xd2/0xd3 are the equivalent map load functions for when you are in a vehicle. I believe 0x79 is more intended for moving a particular party such as in the Phoenix Cave.

Looking at my notes for the arguments,
The first two bytes tell the commands the map id, direction to face, and whether to play the map's default music
Also, I could not find the 0x02 and 0x08 bits for the second byte documented anywhere. However, while editing events I found 0x02 used in Ebot's rock when the party is taken back to Thamasa and it seems to be responsible for updating the parent map (so you can avoid the additional 0x4c call). I am not sure about  the 0x08 bit yet but I found it was used when loading the Imperial Camp from the WOB event tile.
The third and fourth bytes are the x and y position, respectively.
The fourth byte controls whether to fade in the screen, execute the new map's entrance event, and be in a vehicle.

For example, if you want to put the party in Strago's house (map 0x15d) at pos (37, 21) facing up, default map music playing, not execute the entrance event, update parent map, and fade in the screen you can try:
0x6a, 0x5d, 0x03, 0x25, 0x15, 0x00
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