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By Praetarius5018

Required Tools

  • a hex editor, e.g. HxD
  • noisecross's text editor
  • a backup of your work before any experiments

Beginner: Multi-target Flare

allow Flare to hit all enemies with a working spell animation

First we need to modify the spell data itself. It is located at

$110B80 + 8 * Spell ID

Flare has a Spell ID of $33 so we find our data at $110D18.

The data is:

38 04 00 27 08 00 FE 00

For now we only care about the first byte, it determines the targeting of the spell:

80 Multi-target optional
40 Hits all targets
20 Target selectable
10 Side selectable
08 Target enemy (by default)
04 Roulette
00 caster

Since we want regular flare to be multi-targetable like Fire1/2/3 we change the 38 to B8.

However the default animation of flare is not compatible with multi-targetting; the damage will still be done to all targets but it will not look right - or in case of some spells even fry the graphic engine.

Animation headers are located at

$1838EC + 5 * Spell ID

so for Flare it is $1839EB with

05 10 1D 88 1D

For simplicity's sake we just replace it with L3 Flare's data:

05 10 A8 00 2B

Advanced: Water spell

replace !Time/Drag with a water damage spell

To my knowledge there's little to no use of the !Time spell Drag so let's replace it.
It has Spell ID $36 so the data is located at $110D30.

The effect of the 8 bytes are as follows:

Attack Type
Reflectable ($80 not set) + MP cost
Attack formula
Parameter 1
Parameter 2
Parameter 3

Targetting was explained for Flare, so I'll just say we use B8 as well.

Attack Type determines which group the spell belongs to, e.g. used in "can't evade" checks.

01 Blue
02 White
04 Black
08 Time
10 Summon
20 Song
40 Aerial
80 Physical

Misc should be 0. The only non-0 values I've seen were for Meteo and Cave In the hit count. If we were to use a non-0 value our spell would behave like Meteo in that it doesn't hit the target(s) once each but that it selects out of the targets a random target up to 4 times and performs a single target attack against it; in that case it would also require us to either use either the Meteo or Cave In spell animation as only those are compatible with that effect.
This byte also holds the learnable flag ($40) for blue magic.

For the next byte, if we want our spell to not be reflectable we would set the $80 bit and then add the MP cost to it. E.g. 20 MP not reflectable would be $94. For this example I went with 8 MP and reflectable, so $08.

Then we need to decide what the spell actually does and fill in the 3 parameter for it.
Notable examples:
$06: Offensive magic

1 00
2 Attack power
3 [Element]

08: Pierce defense

1 00
2 Attack power
3 [Element]

0A: Physical magic

1 Hit %
2 Attack power
3 [element]

0C: Pierce defense + HP leak

1 [Element]
2 Attack power
3 Duration/2

12: Status 0 infliction

1 Hit %
2 Duration
3 [Status 0] added

We want to deal normal water damage so $06 is fine. The element is built like:

01 fire
02 ice
04 lightning
08 poison
10 holy
20 earth
40 wind
80 water

For power 50 should be fine, so the final result is something like

B8 08 00 08 06 00 32 80

Next up we have to change the spell animation. Since the spell is Spell ID $36 we find our animation data at 1839FA.

The 5 bytes have the following meaning:

color palette
bonus flags + multitarget/multiplication handling type

We want something watery, so the bubbles from Aqua Rake ($84) could make a good start for our animation: $46
It also gives as a good starting point for the palette: $38
and the sound effect: $22
To mix it up a bit we use the monster attack animation: $94, this won't always work but some trial and error shows it to work well enough here.
Next comes one of the harder parts, finding a good handling type; the $80 flag most of the time speeds up the animation, the $40 flag does something different for most routines or nothing at all, and the remaing $00 to $3F determines the base routine. The actual effect can vary by the base spell animation. It is mostly down to trial and error. For some $22 was OK, for one other it crashed the game.

00 multitarget able, "one iteration"
01 single target only? multiple parallel
02 single target only? multiple delayed
05 same as 00?
07 same as 00?
08 single target only? multiple delayed, directions may vary
0A single target only? "one iteration"
0C special routine? may crash
0E single target only? multiple parallel, lots
0F multitarget able, multiple parallel
11 single target only? multiple delayed, with red background
12 single target only? multiple delayed, can mirror vs party
13 single target only? multiple delayed
14 single target only? multiple parallel
15 single target only? multiple parallel
1F single target only? multiple parallel, tons, laggy
21 multitarget able, multiple delayed (3?)
22 single target only? multiple parallel, tons, laggy
23 nothing shown?
25 single target only? multiple parallel, tons, laggy
26 single target only? multiple delayed, tons, laggy
27 single target only? multiple parallel
28 shows red X
29 same as 00?
2A multitarget able, moves rows of player characters (if enemy1 was hit, player1 moves back/for)
2B same as 00?
2C multitarget able, multiple parallel (2?)
2D single target only? multiple delayed, tons, laggy
2F same as 00?
30 multitarget able, multiple parallel (2?)
31 same as 00?
33 like flood but with current sprite?, x3
34 like breath wing with current sprite?, x3
37 animation attacks a fixed range
38 same as 00?
39 nothing shown?
3A nothing shown?
3B nothing shown?
3C caster falls infinitely???
3D nothing shown?
3E nothing shown?
3F caster falls infinitely???

I think that part is much easier to understand when you play around with the !White Heal spell animation. Normally it is just 3 blue lines that rise from the ground but with that multiplication it can become something like a wall of blue lines and other stuff. $21 and $30 are usually my go-to for multitarget spells.

So as a final animation we get something like

46 38 94 30 22

As a final touch we need to change the spellname from Drag to Water.
Open the ROM with noisecross's texteditor, get the template for Skill(M). Open the resulting .csv file with a text editor, NOT with something like Excel, then look for either Drag or Void (the spell names are in the same order as the spells themself) and change it to Water, save the file and inject it via the text editor, done.

Master: Clash

summon Gilgamesh
change the battle theme
custom damage formula

Warning: this part requires ASM knowledge and a bit of free space in the ROM

We'll replace the Void spell this time, $39.
Since Drag was the only spell to use the attack formula $1E we'll edit that in a bit.

First let's modify the spelldata at $110D48:

48 04 00 9F 1E 00 00 00

The spell always hits all enemies, costs 31 MP, is not reflectable and will use the spell effect we want to modify.

But we don't have much space at the old Drag spell effect to do anything fancy:

Attack Type 1E (Drag)
C2/6CE4: A2 04 00     LDX #$0004
C2/6CE7: BF F2 EC D0  LDA $D0ECF2,X
C2/6CEB: 8D D6 3E     STA $3ED6
C2/6CEE: 60           RTS 

My free space in the ROM is 285E80, you'll need to look yourself where you have some space. So go to your rom at 26CE4 and write there instead:

22 80 5E E8 60 (JSL to my address, then the RTS)

For the actual attack animation, we'll just use a simple recolor or the gale cut:

32 66 33 54 A0

Name editing should be known at this point, so I won't repeat. For the sake of the tutorial I'd suggest Clash as the spell name; Time spells are limited to 6 characters (magic category icon + 5 letters), !Blue spell names can be a bit longer because of the different spell menu style.

Now let's make it so the spell action $1E starts the best song in the game and deals damage like a 130 power physical magic spell that uses VIT instead of MAG for damage.

Then at 285E80 I have to put:

---change music to "Big Bridge"---
AD 05 1D	LDA $1D05 - current song
C9 22		CMP #$22
F0 18		BEQ
A9 22		LDA #$22	song to be played
8D 01 1D	STA $1D01
A9 01		LDA #$01
8D 00 1D	STA $1D00
A9 08		LDA #$08
8D 02 1D	STA $1D02
A9 0F		LDA #$0F
8D 03 1D	STA $1D03
22 04 00 C4	JSL $C40004	start the song
---custom damage formula---
AD E3 7B	LDA $7BE3	Vitality of attacker with buffs
8D E4 7B	STA $7BE4	overwrite Magic stat (this is calculated fresh for every action)
A9 7F		LDA #$7F	127% hit chance
85 57		STA $57
A9 82		LDA #$82	130 spell power
85 58		STA $58
A9 00		LDA #$00	void element
85 59		STA $59
68		PLA
68		PLA
68		PLA
5C BC 69 C2	JMP attack type 0A (physical spell), but past hit/evade check

That leaves us with the final piece: putting Gilgamesh on the field for our team.

During spell casting, the game checks if the current action is !Release from the tamer, if so $7E:7C4B was set earlier to a non-$FF value; if it is a different value that is the id of the monster that will take the place of your team for the attack - not stat wise, only for animation sake.

The actual check then happens here:

$C1/B536 AD 4B 7C    LDA $7C4B
$C1/B539 C9 FF       CMP #$FF

Again replace it with a JSL EA to a free spot in your ROM (I have 287FD0) and then put there something like:

AD 4B 7C	LDA $7C4B
F0 01		BEQ
6B		RTL			this is a positive return for !Release
---action was not !Release---
A0 02 00	LDY #$0002
B1 E7		LDA ($E7),y[$7E:3853]	high byte of "spell id" currently used
C9 00		CMP #$00		$00 means we're still in the regular spell section, not in $01 with !Gaia and !Mix
F0 03		BEQ
A9 00		LDA #$00		nothing to replace with
A0 03 00	LDY #$0003
B1 E7		LDA ($E7),y[$7E:3854]	actual spell id used
C9 39		CMP #$39		only trigger replacement if it is our Void replacement

And the final part is something similar for

$C1/B458 AD 4B 7C    LDA $7C4B  [$7E:7C4B]
$C1/B45B AA          TAX

here the full monster id (low + high) is moved to X. So same deal, put a JSL to some free space there - I used 288000 - and then put there something like:

AD 4B 7C	LDA $7C4B  [$7E:7C4B]
F0 02		BEQ
C2 20		REP #$20
A9 6F 01	LDA #$016F		id of the monster to summon, here Gilgamesh
E2 20		SEP #$20