This section is meant to contain information that doesn't fit well into the other sections and isn't expansive enough to warrant its own section.

When making an overworld event, you need to use a different set of commands. There is one set of commands for moving a character who is on foot and another for moving a vehicle (such as the airship). An overworld event will be started when the player steps on an event tile while on the overworld map. If you load the overworld map with the $6A or $6B command (during a normal event), you will need to use overworld commands to continue the event. Other than that, the overworld commands are similar to the normal commands.

This tutorial was aimed at helping you to parse the sources of information that you have at your disposal, rather than being a comprehensive source of information about every detail of event hacking. It is intended to be revisited several times, as it is difficult to understand and retain all of the information in one sitting. Hopefully, you now have the tools needed to seek out the information that you need to complete your goals. If not, you can always ask for help on the forums! Good luck!

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