Name Opened Eyes Terra Fix 1.3
Author madsiur
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ROM Name Final Fantasy III (USA) 1.0
ROM SHA-1 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
Header No
ROM Name Final Fantasy III (USA) 1.1
ROM SHA-1 057ADA1C641E3E0B3CA34E6E4F4EB1B05A87143A
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Quoting assassin:

“When you first reach Terra in Zozo, she's laying in bed with her eyes open. Then during the conversation with Ramuh, she thrashes around, and the party helps her back into bed to recuperate, with her eyes now closed. However, should you leave the room and re-enter, even before getting the Magicite or talking to your comrades, her eyes will be open again. This despite her being equally unresponsive when talked to and the party's dialogue not changing.”

This patch fix the “bug” by adding an action to NPC $10 (Terra) giving her the closed eyes pose between the time you talk to Ramuh and the time you come back to Zozo after the Magitek Factory. This change is logical with the following argument; Enough time has passed in order for Terra to potentially “recover” and this time is more significant than stepping outside a door and coming back.

The ALT patch is an alternate patch that will make Terra open her eyes when Locke present her Maduin magicite, right after he exclaim himself “Magicite!”. This version of the patch is logical with the theory that Maduin Magicite has enough power to wake Terra up because of the bond she shares with him.

$CAF004- $CAF010 All Patches: Maps $E2 and $E8 Entrance Events
$D1F9D0- $D1F9E5 All Patches: Map $E2 Entrance Event Extra Event Code
$CAC4C0- $CAC4C3 Alt Patch Only: Call subroutine $D1F9EF
$CAC512- $CAC515 Alt Patch Only: Call subroutine $D1F9E6
$D1F9E6- $D1F9F7 Alt Patch Only: Extra Event Code
; map $E2 entrance event
CA/F004: B2 D9 F9 07        ; Call subroutine $D1F9D9
CA/F008: 60 0E 08           ; Change background layer $0E to palette $08
CA/F00B: FE                 ; Return

; map $E8 entrance event    
CA/F00C: B2 D0 F9 07        ; Call subroutine $D1F9D0
CA/F010: FE                 ; Return

; Free space code
D1/F9D0: F6 81 10 FF        ; Change volume of currently playing song to $FF, 
                            ; transition time 16
D1/F9D4: B2 E1 C8 00        ; Call subroutine $CAC8E1 
D1/F9D8: FE                 ; Return

D1/F9D9: C1                 ; If we have not spoke to Ramuhnad or Terra NPC 
                            ; is hidden, return (D1/F9E5), else continue
D1/F9E1: 10 82 13 FF        ; Set NPC $10 pose to eyes closed
D1/F9E5: FE                 ; Return

ALT Patch extra code
; Zozo event (after two cranes)
CA/C4C0: B2 EF F9 07        ; Call subroutine $D1F9EF

CA/C512: B2 E6 F9 07        ; Call subroutine $D1F9E6

; Free space code
D1/F9E6: 10 82 01 FF        ; Set NPC $10 pose to eyes opened
D1/F9EA: 01 82 23 FF        ; Character $01 turn left
D1/F9EE: FE                 ; Return

D1/F9EF: 10 02 13 FF        ; Set NPC $10 pose to eyes closed
D1/F9F3: DD 1A              ; Clear event bit $61A
D1/F9F5: DD 19              ; Clear event bit $619
D1/F9F7: FE                 ; Return

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