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Song Upload Guidelines

This page will help you uploading a song to the song hacks page while respecting the upload standards for this section.


The zip archive you upload in ff3:ff3us:music:songdata must contain at least a SPC file of the song (.spc), the song data file (.bin) and an instrument file (.bin). You can add extra files relevant to that song (such as alternate versions or a MML file).

All 3 files must have same name as zip archive, to the exception that you must add “_data” to the song data filename and “_inst” to the instrument filename. The archive name must be all lowercase and no space (use underscore). If you add extra file, keep the name and add something to the filename in the same way it is done for the instrument or data files.

Each file name must start by the game abbreviation, see the list below. In case of a duplicate entry, use at end of filename the author code (see other list below). In any case of major doubt, look at existing archive and content names as reference, or ask your questions in this forum thread or on Discord.

MP3 Preview

The mp3 preview you add in ff3:ff3us:music:songdata:preview must respect the song filename (as close as possible). FYI, you can convert SPC files to WAV then to MP3. It is suggested to upload 128kbps MP3s, or V5-V6 if you use VBR. The preview must be 30 seconds (including fade out if one).

Author Codes

To use for duplicate entries.

_1 = Royaken
_2 = Gi Nattak
_3 = tsushiy
_4 = emberling
_5 = MetroidQuest
_6 = unknown author

Game abbreviations

If you game is not here, you are free to create one that make sense. Use other songs as references in doubt.

alttp_ = A Link to the Past
bof_ = Breath of Fire
bof2_ = Breath of Fire 2
cc_ = Chrono Cross
cr_ = Chocobo Racing
ct_ = Chrono Trigger
cv_ = Castlevania
cv2_ = Castlevania 2
cv3_ = Castlevania 3
cvl_ = Castlevania Legend
dk64_ = Donkey Kong 64
dkc2_ = Donkey Kong Country 2
dq2 = Dragon Quest 2
ds4_ = Legend of Wizard
dual_orb_ = Dual Orb
dual_orb2_ = Dual Orb 2
earthbound_ = Earthbound
eo3_ = Etrian Odyssey 3
ewj2_ = Earthworm Jim 2
ff = Final Fantasy
ffmq_ = Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
fft_ = Final Fantasy Tactic
ffa_ = Final Fantasy Adventure
fz_ = F-Zero
fzc_ = F-Zero Climax
ias_ = I am Setsuna
iog_ = Illusion of Gaia
kaw_ = King Arthur World
kh = Kingdom Hearts
lom_ = Legend of Mana
lufia1_ = Lufia
lufia2_ = Lufia 2 
mm = Mega Man
pkm = Pokemon
rd_ = Radical Dreamers
rs = Romancing Saga
s&n_ = Sonic & Nuckle
sd2_ = Secret of Mana
sd3_ = Seiken Densetsu 3
soe_ = Secret of Evermore
som_ = Sword of Mana
terranigma_ = Terranigma
tmnt = Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
top_ = Tales of Phantasia
totr_ = Treasure of the Rudras
undertale_ = Undertale
xg_ = Xenogears
ys = YS
zelda2_ = Zelda 2
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