MML Commands

Command Description Example FF6 Command
a,b,c,d,e,f,g Note d, d32 00-B5
1,2,4,8,16,32,64 1/n Note a8, a16, a32 00-B5
+ Sharp Note a+, a+8
- Flat Note a-, a-8
@xx Set Channel Instrument to xx @16, @0x10 DC
$ Jump to $, the Channel will restart there when hitting “;” F6 xxxx
oxx Set Octave to xx o5 D6 xx
%xx Set Song Volume to xx F4 xx
%bxx,yy Set Echo Feedback to yy over xx frames F7 xx yy
%cxx Set Noise Clock to xx CF xx
%fxx,yy Set Filter F8 xx yy
%kxx Set Transpose to xx D9 xx
%vxx Set Song Echo Volume to xx %v28 F2 xx
%d1 Enable Drum Roll E6
%d0 Disable Drum Roll E7
%e1 Enable Echo D4
%e0 Disable Echo D5
%p1 Enable Pitch Modulation D2
%p0 Disable Pitch Modulation D3
kxx Add xx to Transpose DA xx
m Disable Vibrato CA
mxx,yy Change Pitch to yy with Envelope Duration xx C8 xx yy
mxx,yy,zz Enable vibrato with Delay of xx, Cycle Duration of yy and amplitude of zz C9 xx yy zz
p Disable pan sweep CE
pxx Set Channel Pan to xx C6 xx
pxx,yy Set Channel Pan to xx with Envelope yy C7 xx yy
pxx,yy,zz Enable Pan Sweep with delay of yy and Cycle Duration of zz CD yy zz
v Disable Tremolo CC
vxx Set Channel Volume to xx v127, v0x7F C4 xx
vxx,yy Set Channel Volume to yy with an Envelope of xx C5 xx yy
vxx,yy,zz Enable Tremolo with a Delay of xx, Cycle Duration of yy and Amplitude of zz CB xx yy zz
r Rest. The length of the rest is specified in the same way as note length r8 B6-C3
txx Set Tempo to xx bpm t30 F0 xx
> Increment Octave D7
< Decrement Octave D8
l Apply length to a series of notes l8 gab
; End of channel EB
[xx Loop start. Loop xx times [8a1] E2 xx
] Loop end [8a1] E3
^ Sustained note or rest d1^8
. Sustain a note, as an example d1. equals d1^2, d1.. equals d1^2^4, etc. d1..
, Command Argument separator (for 2 and more arguments)

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