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FF3us ROM Map

All offsets are HiROM. Subtract 0xC00000 for raw address. For headered ROM, add 0x200. All pointers are absolute unless relative address is specified. All pointers are 2 bytes each unless specified otherwise.

Start End Description
C00000 C0CD39 Field Program
C0177A C0177E Map BG Clip Data (5 bytes, 4 used)
C051DA C051F2 Character Portrait Tile Layout (25 bytes)
C05EB6 C05F35 Magitek Armor Tile Formation (4 tiles, 4 directions per tile, 4 frames per direction)
C091D5 C091FE Pointers to Map Animation Data (+$C091FF)
C091FF C0979E Map Animation Data (20 items, 16 or less tiles each, the last 8 aren't animated, 10 bytes per tile)
C0979F C097AC Pointers to BG3 Animation Data (+$C097AD)
C097AD C09824 BG3 Animation Data (6 items, 20 bytes each)
C09825 C0989C Palette Animation Data Data (10 items, 12 bytes each)
C0CD3A C0CE39 Horizontal Flip Data for Field Sprites
C0CE3A C0D0F1 Sprite Tile Formation (12 bytes per position)
C0D0F2 C0D23B Pointers to Sprite Graphics (lower word)
C0D23C C0D385 Pointers to Sprite Graphics (upper word)
C0D386 C0D612 Unused Code (debug mode)
C0D613 C0DF9F Unused Space (2445 bytes)
C0DFA0 C0E09F DTE Table
C0E0A0 C0E11F Initial NPC Event Bits ($1EE0-$1F5F)
C0E120 C0E29F Fixed-Width Font Graphics (for debug mode)
C0E2A0 C0EE9F Sprite Overlay Graphics
C0EEA0 C0F49F Sprite Overlay Tile Formation (192 items, 8 bytes each)
C0F4A0 C0F4FF Pointers to Sprite Overlay Data (+$C0F500)
C0F500 C0FCFF Sprite Overlay Data (45 items, compressed, 16 + 256 bytes each)
C0FD00 C0FDFF Random Number Table
C0FE00 C0FE3F BG Addition/Subtraction Data (19 items, 3 bytes each)
C0FE40 C0FEFF BG2/BG3 Scrolling Data (21 items, 8 bytes each)
C0FF00 C0FF17 Interrupt Code
C0FF18 C0FFAF Unused Space (152 bytes)
C10000 C1FFE4 Battle Graphics Program
C1FFE5 C1FFFF Unused Space (27 bytes)
C20000 C26468 Battle Program
C26469 C267FF Unused Space (919 bytes)
C26800 C2686B Cinematic Loader
C2686C C28A6F Title, Intro, Floating Island, & World Cinematic Program (compressed)
C28A70 C2953B Ending Cinematic Data
C2953C C29853 Ending Cinematic Color Palettes
C29854 C2A659 Ending Cinematic Sprite Data
C2A65A C2A7FF Unused Space (422 bytes)
C2A800 C2FAA3 Battle Graphics Program (continued)
C2FAA4 C2FC6C Unused Space (457 bytes)
C2FC6D C2FE6C Sine/Cosine Table (16-bit, signed)
C2FE6D C2FF6C Sine/Cosine Table (8-bit, signed)
C30000 C3C405 Menu Program
C3C406 C3F090 Ending Cinematic Program
C3F091 C3FFFF Unused Space (3951 bytes)
C40000 C40341 Pointers to Event Triggers (+$C40000)
C40342 C41A0F Event Triggers (5 bytes each)
C41A10 C41D51 Pointers to NPC Data (+$C41A10)
C41D52 C46ABF NPC Data (9 bytes each)
C46AC0 C478BF Spell Data (256 items, 14 bytes each)
C478C0 C47A3F Character Names (64 items, 6 bytes each)
C47A40 C47A9F Blitz Codes (8 items, 11+1 bytes each)
C47AA0 C47ABF Initial Rages (1 bit per rage)
C47AC0 C47F3F Shop Data (128 items, 9 bytes each)
C47F40 C47FA7 Metamorphosis Data (26 items, 4 bytes each)
C47FA8 C487BF Unused Space (2072 bytes)
C487C0 C48FBF Fixed-Width Font Graphics
C48FC0 C490BF Variable-Width Font Character Widths
C490C0 C4A4BF Variable-Width Font Graphics (16×11 tiles, max width is 12)
C4A4C0 C4B9FF Unused Space (5440 bytes)
C4BA00 C4C007 Ending Font (compressed)
C4C008 C4F476 Ending Cinematic Graphics and Tile Formation (compressed)
C4F477 C4F6FA Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
C4F6FB C4FFFF Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
C50000 C506B8 Sound/Music Program
C506B9 C506F8 Quick Play Interrupt Data (16 items, 4 bytes each, unused by FF3)
C506F9 C506FD Songs that Pause the Current Song (5 items, 1 byte each)
C506FE C5070D Pointers to Interrupt Code (+$C50000)
C5070E C51EC6 SPC Code
C51EC7 C52015 Sound Effect BRR Data
C52016 C52037 Pointers to Sound Effect BRR Data (start, loop)
C52038 C52049 Sound Effect ADSR Data
C5204A C5205B Sound Effect Pitch Multiplication Data
C5205C C5245B Pointers to Game Sound Effect Scripts
C5245C C53C5D Game Sound Effect Scripts
C53C5E C53C5E Number of Songs (1 byte)
C53C5F C53D1B Pointers to Instrument BRR Data (3 bytes each, absolute)
C53D1C C53D99 Instrument Loop Start Positions (63 items, 2 bytes each)
C53D9A C53E17 Instrument Pitch Multipliers (63 items, 2 bytes each)
C53E18 C53E95 Instrument ADSR Data (63 items, 2 bytes each)
C53E96 C53F94 Pointers to Song Data (3 bytes each, absolute)
C53F95 C54A34 Instruments for Each Song (85 items, 32 bytes each)
C54A35 C85C79 Instrument BRR Data (63 items, variable size)
C85C7A C9FDFF Song Data (85 items, variable size)
C9FE00 C9FEFF Last $100 bytes of “THE END” graphics
C9FF00 C9FFFF “THE END” color palettes
CA0000 CCE5FF Event Script
CCE600 CCE601 Index of last dialog message in bank $CD
CCE602 CCFFFF Pointers to Dialog (+$CD0000)
CD0000 CEF0FF Dialog (variable length)
CEF100 CEF5FF Map Names (73 items, variable length)
CEF600 CEF647 World Map Modification Data (4 bytes each, event bit index, then pointer to chunk [+$CEF600])
CEF648 CEFAFF World Map Modification Chunks (variable size)
CEFB00 CEFB5F Unknown Data (30 items, 3 bytes each)
CEFB60 CEFB9F Pointers to Rare Item Descriptions (+$CEFCB0)
CEFBA0 CEFCAF Rare Item Names (20 items, 13 bytes each)
CEFCB0 CEFFFF Rare Item Descriptions (20 items, variable length)
CF0000 CF2FFF Monster Data (384 items, 32 bytes each)
CF3000 CF35FF Monster Items Stolen and Dropped (384 items, 4 bytes each)
CF3600 CF377F Monster Y-Shift for Sprite Priority, see C1/0659 (384 items, 1 byte each)
CF3780 CF37AF Conditional Battle Indexes (12 items, 4 bytes each)
CF37C0 CF393F Monster Special Attack Animation Index (384 items, 1 byte each)
CF3940 CF3C3F Esper Attack Descriptions (variable length)
CF3C40 CF3CFF SwdTech Names (8 items, 12 bytes each)
CF3D00 CF42FF Monster Control/Muddled Attacks (384 items, 4 bytes each)
CF4300 CF45FF Monster Sketch Attacks (384 items, 2 bytes each)
CF4600 CF47FF Monster Rage Attacks (256 items, 2 bytes each)
CF4800 CF4FFF Random Battle Groups (256 items, 8 bytes each)
CF5000 CF53FF Event Battle Groups (256 items, 4 bytes each)
CF5400 CF54FF World of Balance Battle Groups (64 map sectors, 4 bytes per sector)
CF5500 CF55FF World of Ruin Battle Groups (64 map sectors, 4 bytes per sector)
CF5600 CF57FF Map Battle Groups (512 items, 1 byte each)
CF5800 CF587F World Map Random Battle Probability Data (64 map sectors, 8 items per sector, 2 bits each)
CF5880 CF58FF Map Random Battle Probability Data (512 items, 2 bits each)
CF5900 CF61FF Auxiliary Battle Data (576 items, 4 bytes each)
CF6200 CF83FF Battle Data (576 items, 15 bytes each)
CF8400 CF86FF Pointers to Monster Scripts (+$CF8700)
CF8700 CFC04F Monster Scripts (384 items, variable size)
CFC050 CFD0CF Monster Names (384 items, 10 bytes each)
CFD0D0 CFDFDF Monster Special Attack Names (384 items, 10 bytes each)
CFDFE0 CFE1DF Pointers to Short Battle Dialog (+$CF0000)
CFE1E0 CFF44F Short Battle Dialog (256 items, variable length)
CFF450 CFF968 Menu/Ending Cinematic Animation Thread Data
CFF969 CFFAA8 Unknown Ending Cinematic Data
CFFAA9 CFFB28 Unknown Ending Cinematic Data (4 items, 32 bytes each)
CFFB29 CFFBFF Unused Space (247 bytes)
CFFC00 CFFCFF Blitz Descriptions (8 items, variable length)
CFFD00 CFFDFF SwdTech Descriptions (8 items, variable length)
CFFE00 CFFE3F Battle Command Data (32 items, 2 bytes each)
CFFE40 CFFE7F Pointers to Esper Attack Descriptions (+$CF3940)
CFFE80 CFFE9F Dance Data (8 items, 4 bytes per dance)
CFFEA0 CFFEAD Desperation Attacks for each Character (14 items, 1 byte each, unused, see C2/15C8)
CFFEAE CFFF9D Esper Bonus Names (17 items, 9 bytes each)
CFFF9E CFFFAD Pointers to Blitz Descriptions (+$CFFC00)
CFFFAE CFFFBD Pointers to SwdTech Descriptions (+$CFFD00)
CFFFBE CFFFFF Unused Space (66 bytes)
D00000 D07FB1 Battle Animation Scripts
D07FB2 D097FF Attack Animation Data (406 items, 14 bytes each)
D09800 D09841 Pointers to Battle Event Scripts (+$D00000)
D09842 D0CF49 Battle Event Scripts (33 items, variable length)
D0CF4A D0CFFF Unused Space (182 bytes)
D0D000 D0D1FF Pointers to Long Battle Dialog (+$D00000)
D0D200 D0FCFF Long Battle Dialog (256 items, variable length)
D0FD00 D0FFFF Character AI Data (32 items, 24 bytes each)
D10000 D1003F Pointers to Battle Animation Data for Items $E0-$FF (+$D07FB2)
D10040 D10140 Item Jump and Throw Animation Data (257 items, 1 byte each, see C1/B9C5 and C1/B9F7)
D10141 D1EAD7 Battle Animation Frame Data (variable size frames, 2 bytes per tile)
D1EAD8 D1EFFF Pointers to Battle Animation Scripts (+$D00000)
D1F000 D1F79F Battle Messages (256 items, variable length)
D1F7A0 D1F99F Pointers to Battle Messages (+$D10000)
D1F9A0 D1F9AA Unused Space (11 bytes)
D1F9AB D1F9CF Battle Background Index to change to for each Dance
D1F9D0 D1F9FF Unused Space (48 bytes)
D1FA00 D1FFFF Map Startup Event Pointers (3 bytes each, +$CA0000)
D20000 D25FFF 3bpp Battle Animation Tile Formation (64 bytes each, 2 bytes per 8×8 tile, 0x8000: vflip, 0x4000: hflip, [$D30000 + 0x3FFF * $18]: address of tile graphics)
D26000 D26EFF Battle Animation Palettes (8 colors each)
D26F00 D26FFF Item Symbol Names (16 items, 7 bytes each)
D27000 D2777F Monster Graphics Data (384 items, 5 bytes each)
D27780 D2781F Esper Graphics Data (32 items, 5 bytes each)
D27820 D2A81F Monster Palettes (768 items, 16 bytes each)
D2A820 D2A821 Pointer to Small Monster Graphic Maps (+$D20000)
D2A822 D2A823 Pointer to Large Monster Graphic Maps (+$D20000)
D2A824 D2AC23 Small Monster Graphic Maps (128 items, 8 bytes each)
D2AC24 D2B223 Large Monster Graphic Maps (48 items, 32 bytes each)
D2B224 D2B2FF Unused Space (220 bytes)
D2B300 D2BFFF Item Names (256 items, 1 byte symbol, 12 bytes name)
D2C000 D2DFFF 2bpp Battle Animation Tile Formation (64 bytes each, 2 bytes per 8×8 tile, 0x8000: vflip, 0x4000: hflip, [$D87000 + 0x3FFF * $10]: address of tile graphics)
D2E000 D2EBFF Battle Status Graphics, etc. (compressed)
D2EC00 D2ECFF World of Balance Palettes (8 palettes, 16 colors each)
D2ED00 D2EDFF World of Ruin Palettes (8 palettes, 16 colors each)
D2EE00 D2EE1F Setzer's Airship Palette (16 colors)
D2EE20 D2EE3F Chocobo Palette (for world map, 16 colors)
D2EE40 D2EEFF Other WoB Palettes (16 colors each)
D2EF00 D2EF1F Falcon Palette (16 colors)
D2EF20 D2EFFF Other WoR Palettes (16 colors each)
D2F000 D2F7FF Slot Window Graphics
D2F800 D2FFFF Unknown Graphics (probably unused)
D30000 D4C997 Battle Animation Graphics (3bpp)
D4C998 D4C9FF Unused Space (104 bytes)
D4CA00 D4CFFF Additional Menu Program Code
D4D000 D4DF3B Attack Graphics Data (650 items, 6 bytes each)
D4DF3C D4FFFF Pointers to Battle Animation Frame Data (+$D10000)
D50000 D82FFF Field Sprite Graphics
D83000 D84FFF Vehicle Graphics
D85000 D86DFF Item Data (256 items, 30 bytes each)
D86E00 D86FFF Esper Data (27 items, 11 bytes each)
D87000 D8C99F Battle Animation Graphics (2bpp)
D8C9A0 D8CE9F Spell Descriptions (54 items, variable length)
D8CEA0 D8CF7F Battle Command Names (32 items, 7 bytes each)
D8CF80 D8CFFF Pointers to Spell Descriptions (+$D8C9A0)
D8D000 D8DAF1 Setzer's Airship on Fire Graphics (compressed)
D8DAF2 D8DCFF Setzer's Airship on Fire Tile Formation (compressed)
D8DD00 D8DFB7 Pointers to Magitek Train Ride Tile Graphics (29 items, 12×2 bytes each, +$7E0000)
D8DFB8 D8E5BE Vector Panorama Graphics (compressed)
D8E5BF D8E6B9 Vector Panorama Tile Formation (compressed)
D8E6BA D8E7FF Serpent Trench Palettes (compressed)
D8E800 D8E89F Menu Text Palettes (40 palettes, 4 colors each)
D8E8A0 D8E8B7 Grayscale Character Sprite Palette (12 colors)
D8E8B8 D8E8BF Menu Cursor Palettes (4 colors)
D8E8C0 D8E8C7 Menu Icon Palettes (4 colors)
D8E8C8 D8E90D Letters for Name Change Menu (7 rows, 5+5 characters each)
D8E90E D8E916 Letters for Element Symbol Display (8+1 bytes, null-terminated)
D8E917 D8EE46 Menu Sprite Data
D8EE47 D8EFFF Unused Space (441 bytes)
D8F000 D94E95 Title/Intro Graphics (compressed)
D94E96 D9568E Floating Island Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9568F D99D4A Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D99D4B D9A4E4 Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9A4E5 D9A7FF Ending Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
D9A800 D9CD0F Map Tile Properties (42 items, compressed)
D9CD10 D9CD8F Pointers to Map Tile Properties (+$D9A800)
D9CD90 D9D1AF Pointers to Map Formations (3 bytes each, +$D9D1B0)
D9D1B0 DDFFFF Map Formations (350 items, compressed)
DE0000 DFB3FF Map Tile Formations (75 items, compressed)
DFB400 DFB5FF Number of Magic Points For Each Battle (512 items, 1 byte each)
DFB600 DFB9FF Colosseum Data (256 items, 4 bytes each)
DFBA00 DFBAFF Pointers to Map Tile Formations (3 bytes each, +$DE0000)
DFBB00 DFBF01 Pointers to Short Entrance Triggers (+$DFBB00)
DFBF02 DFD9FF Short Entrance Triggers (6 bytes each)
DFDA00 DFDAFF Pointers to Map Graphics (3 bytes each, +$DFDB00)
DFDB00 E5F3FF Map Graphics (82 items, variable size)
E5F400 E5FEC5 “THE END” Program
E5FEC6 E5FFFF Unused Space (314 bytes)
E60000 E67FFF Map Animation Graphics
E68000 E683FF Character Color Palettes (32 items, 32 bytes each, first 8 are loaded by default)
E68400 E6877F Pointers to Map Names (+$CEF100)
E68780 E6CD5F BG3 Graphics (19 items, compressed)
E6CD60 E6CD9F Pointers to BG3 Graphics (3 bytes each, +$E68780)
E6CDA0 E6CDBF Pointers to BG3 Animation Graphics (3 bytes each, +$E6CDC0)
E6CDC0 E6F1FF BG3 Animation Graphics (6 items, compressed)
E6F200 E6F48F Palette Animation Color Palettes (16 colors each)
E6F490 E6F497 Levels when CYAN learns SwdTechs
E6F498 E6F49F Levels when SABIN learns Blitzes
E6F4A0 E6F501 Character HP Progression Data
E6F502 E6F563 Character MP Progression Data
E6F564 E6F566 Initial Lores (24 items, 1 bit per lore)
E6F567 E6F6E0 Magic Spell Names (54 items, 7 bytes each)
E6F6E1 E6F7B8 Esper Names (27 items, 8 bytes each)
E6F7B9 E6FE8E Attack Names (175 items items, 10 bytes each)
E6FE8F E6FF9C Esper Attack Names (27 items, 10 bytes each)
E6FF9D E6FFFF Dance Names (8 items, 12 bytes each)
E70000 E7014F Battle BG Data (56 items, 6 bytes each)
E70150 E7164F Battle BG Palettes (53 items, 48 colors each)
E71650 E71847 Pointers to Battle BG Graphics (3 bytes each, absolute)
E71848 E71927 Pointers to Battle BG Tile Formations (+$E70000)
E71928 E7A9E6 Battle BG Tile Formation (49 items, 1140 bytes each (max), compressed)
E7A9E7 E962FF Battle BG Graphics (75 items, compressed)
E96300 E96FFF “THE END” Graphics
E97000 EC336F Monster Graphics
EC3370 ECE3BF Esper Graphics
ECE3C0 ECE3DF TERRA natural magic data (16 items, 2 bytes each, spell index then level)
ECE3E0 ECE3FF CELES natural magic data (16 items, 2 bytes each, spell index then level)
ECE400 ECE6E7 Weapon Animation Data (93 items, 8 bytes each)
ECE6E8 ECE7FF Monster Attack Animation Data (35 items, 8 bytes each)
ECE800 ECE8FF Colosseum Monster Vertical Alignment Type (256 items, 1 byte each)
ECE900 ECFFFF World Getting Torn Apart Cinematic Graphics (compressed)
ED0000 ED1BFF Menu Window Graphics (8 items, 896 bytes each)
ED1C00 ED1CFF Menu Window Palettes (8 items, 32 bytes each)
ED1D00 ED585F Character Portrait Graphics (18 items, 25 tiles each)
ED5860 ED5ABF Character Portrait Color Palettes (18 items, 32 bytes each)
ED5AC0 ED62BF Standard Menu Cursor/Icon Graphics
ED62C0 ED62FF Save Menu Palettes (8 items, 4 colors each)
ED6300 ED63FF Character Palettes for Battle/Menu (8 items, 16 colors each)
ED6400 ED779F Item Descriptions (256 items, variable length)
ED77A0 ED7A6F Lore Descriptions (24 items, variable length)
ED7A70 ED7A9F Pointers to Lore Descriptions (+$ED77A0)
ED7AA0 ED7C9F Pointers to Item Descriptions (+$ED6400)
ED7CA0 ED821F Character Initial Properties (64 items, 22 bytes each)
ED8220 ED82E3 Character Experience Progression Data (98 items, 2 bytes each)
ED82E4 ED82F3 Imp Item Indexes (16 items, 1 byte each)
ED82F4 ED8633 Pointers to Treasure Data (+$ED8634)
ED8634 ED8E5A Treasure Data (5 bytes each)
ED8E5B ED8E9A Dance Index for each Battle Background
ED8F00 EDC47F Map Properties (415 items, 33 bytes each)
EDC480 EDF47F Map Palettes (48 items, 256 bytes each)
EDF480 EDF881 Pointers to Long Entrance Triggers (+$EDF480)
EDF882 EDFDFF Long Entrance Triggers Triggers (7 bytes each)
EDFE00 EDFFCF Esper Bonus Descriptions (17 items, variable length)
EDFFD0 EDFFFF Pointers to Esper Bonus Descriptions (+$EDFE00)
EE0000 EEAF00 World Map Program
EE9B14 EE9D13 World of Balance Tile Properties
EE9D14 EE9F13 World of Ruin Tile Properties
EEAF01 EEB1FF Unused Space (767 bytes)
EEB200 EEB25F Pointers to Compressed World Data (3 bytes each, absolute, points to data at $EEB290-$EFFBC8)
EEB260 EEB268 Pointers to World Map Modification Data (3 bytes each, absolute)
EEB269 EEB28F Pointers to World Map Events (3 bytes each, +$CA0000)
EEB290 EEC294 World Map Clouds Graphics (compressed)
EEC295 EEC701 World Map Clouds Tile Formation (compressed)
EEC702 EED433 Setzer's Airship Graphics (compressed)
EED434 EF114E World of Balance Map Formation (compressed)
EF114F EF324F World of Balance Graphics (compressed)
EF3250 EF4845 Magitek Train Ride Graphics (variable size tiles, compressed)
EF4846 EF4A45 Magitek Train Ride Palettes
EF4A46 EF6A55 World of Ruin Graphics (compressed)
EF6A56 EF9D16 World of Ruin Map Formation (compressed)
EF9D17 EFB630 Serpent Trench Map Formation (compressed)
EFB631 EFC623 Serpent Trench Graphics (compressed)
EFC624 EFCE76 Some Chocobo Graphics (compressed)
EFCE77 EFCE96 Vector Approach Data
EFCE97 EFCEB6 Data for Esper Terra
EFCEB7 EFCFB8 Airship Shadow and Perspective Graphics (compressed)
EFCFB9 EFDC4B Various Sprites (ship, esper terra, figaro, etc., compressed)
EFDC4C EFE49A More Chocobo Graphics (world map, compressed)
EFE49B EFE8B2 World of Balance Minimap Graphics (compressed)
EFE8B3 EFED25 World of Ruin Minimap Graphics (compressed)
EFED26 EFFAC7 Daryl's Airship Graphics (compressed)
EFFAC8 EFFBC7 Palettes for Ending Airship Scene
EFFBC8 EFFEEF Unused Space (808 bytes)
EFFEF0 EFFFFF Sine/Cosine Table (unsigned)
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