Before this wiki was started most of the information was already documented in various text files scattered around the web. Hacking webpages may go down after a few years of activity and information can be lost, this is one of the reasons we have set up this wiki. Here is a list of people that helped FF3us documentation and R&D significantly over the years and a little description of their main contributions based on the documents used for the wiki pages of this section. If information is missing or is inaccurate, you can change it or notice a wiki user. In no particular order:

Many data formats, ROM map, algorithms and disassembly info.

Novalia Spirit
Disassembly info, data, Event Bits, Events.

Terii Senshi
Algorithms, disassembly info and AI scripting

Master Zed
AI scripting, data, data formats

Disassembly info

Disassembly info, data

Disassembly info, data, event commands, events

Lord J
ROM map, text tables, data formats

ROM map, data formats

ROM map

Battle event scripts, animation scripts, RAM map (also built by everyone else).

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