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Full cast of original characters + some vanilla sprites remade

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Hi. Here are some of the spritework I'll be using in a romhack project that I've been slowly working on for some 1~2 years. I'm particularly very proud of some of these, as I consider them to have near original-game levels of quality. They all use vanilla palettes too.

So, in this romhack, yet unnamed, the party will be reduced to 12 characters. 8 of them are original characters created by me. The other 4 are Gau, Mog, Umaro and Gogo, but with new sprites (work in progress). NPC's will also receive new sprites.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff already made, alongside a basic description for the original characters...

Name: Lucia
Description: Young girl, lightning magic user, amneasic, etc. You already know.

[Image: wKkFdF6.png]

Name: Victor
Description: Leader of a revolutionary/terrorist-like movement. Hates the empire and rich people in general. 

[Image: jziUKZ9.png]

Name: Thales
Description: Young king of Figaro. Being a very altruistic, calm and prudent martial artist, he tries to always find non-violent solutions for conflicts.

[Image: LLRShID.png]

Name: Vance
Description: Victor's Brother. Has a cynical and sarcastic personality. Proficient at pickpocketing expensive jewelry, which he wears alosingside his fine and elegant clothes (as elegant as snes can render).

[Image: IXBcK5Y.png]

Name: Eryn
Description: Shady gambler and charlatan who travels the world, recklessly lying and deceiving anyone for money.

[Image: NvNtv37.png]

Name: Rhaes
Description: Haven't figured out yet. Maybe a dangerous criminal or a knight of some sort.

[Image: ulZ0xjc.png]

Name: Margot
Description: An empire general with many years of experience who becomes a traitor and joins the rebels.

[Image: KZTA2wV.png]

Name: Argos
Description: Genius engineer who has worked for the empire for most of his life. Owns an airship designed all by himself. Is overly proud of his intellect. Gets easily enraged.

[Image: qjZ03ze.png]

Name: Gau

[Image: P0gdobL.png]

Name: Gogo

[Image: JcIN6n2.png]

Name: Kefka

[Image: 9oV5dkO.png]

Keep in mind that I'm constantly polishing these graphics, sometimes even starting from scratch (the feather hat girl has some 6 entirely different versions that were created before I reached something I liked, lol). Even now, at this exact moment, there are a lot of things here that I'm still not totally satisfied with.

So, if you plan to use any of these sprites in your own project, give me the credits, please. You can get them at

In this link you'll find the most up to date files with a palette bar at the top too.

Also, none of the portraits have been done yet. I'll be sure to post them here when they eventually get made.

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Wow, these are fantastic. Amazing work!

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hey these sprites are pretty good, you have a lot of potential keep it up

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