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Custom Songs

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I absolutely love this hack. The one glaring problem for me that's CRUSHING my immersion is some of the song choices. Like in the beginning when it plays the final countdown. Thankfully there's a patch where I can change that song. Is there a way for me to patch custom songs to my game? For example the fanfare music I only have 2 choices and one of them is CT fanfare which also kinda breaks my immersion. I'd really like if there was an option to add the classic FF fanfare. Also the classic FF chocobo music ect.  Hello

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Hi there! RotDS is full of immersion-breaking elements I'm afraid, but in terms of the music, the best I was able to do to support other songs being put in is include a 'song importing info.txt' in the folder that comes in the hack package - that shows the offset of every song in the hack, for both 'soundtrack a' and 'soundtrack b', as well as the instrument location and the song pointers. With this info, one could import songs much easier, but the problem is they'd most likely have to have some familiarity/experience in hex editing, and how to input the song pointer offset correctly (last byte first, then middle, then first 'bank' byte, so offset F15020 song pointer would be 2050F1)... I understand this is not going to be most people. But hex editing is honestly quite simple once getting over the small learning curve.

Using other song-hack patches won't be plug-and-play with this hack as the patched song datas would overwrite things that are different than what was at the vanilla offset, and many of the instruments used are imported from other games, and there is no sense at all in the order in which they were imported. But I also provided a 'inst. brr info.txt' there as well that shows what every instrument value in the hack is.

Long story short, I basically provided all the info necessary for the player to import their own song choices, but it would fall on them to do so. I could maybe add more optional song patches in the future, for fanfare etc., I thought along those lines a bit this version when adding the FF4 and FF5 battle themes, but adding more optional song patches is starting to get a little messy with there being so many, and space in the ROM is actually becoming somewhat low again as to just add a bunch more. When it comes to vanilla FF6 songs, I did do an optional patch I'm sure you saw for Kefka's Themes, and a couple-few other super-bangers that people really like, but the fanfare and Chocobo Theme were not among those. The vanilla Fanfare I could see myself adding the next time, but besides a handful of FF6 songs I don't wanna go too hard on bringing back the vanilla OST song by song.

EDIT: I added the FF6 Battle Theme, Boss Theme, and Fanfare as optional patches in the latest update.

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