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Brave New World variant - funnyman edition - WIP

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A variant of BTB's and Synchysi's "Brave New World" hack, created and post here with BTB's blessing. Done by a long-time, diehard fan of Brave New World, and old veteran / contributor to that community. The unofficial name for this BNW variant is "Lol New World", affectionately named by BTB due to my username (and probably my reputation as a bit of a mad scientist, the founding member of the BNW community's "Bad Idea Brigade").

This not an official BNW 2.2 or 3.0 of any sort. It's just an old veteran, who loves designing things too much, spent too much time in the details of BNW's character builds, enjoying his hand at design, while keeping to BNW's spirit of "the mod that improves FFVI's mechanics while preserving the spirit of FFVI". Mostly what you'll get with this is BNW with more emphasis on character builds (more/faster build levels), more diversification or new tools for different builds, a bit more strict delineation of what each build is about, etc. I've also taken some ideas from the current "Hard Type" that exists for BNW, as well as importing some cool ideas from other hacks (Leviathan esper), though the overall difficulty shouldn't really be any different from Brave New World as is.

The mod is a work-in-progress. I've got plans of what all I'd like to do, but for now, I'd just like to get this out here and see people enjoy what is there.

The Patch

Lol New World, forked off of BNW 2.0. Apply over a vanilla FFVI rom. Contains a modified printme (and changelog) for quick reference of just what this mad scientist did. Also contains some optional patches, like alternate sprites for Terra and Celes.
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