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Relic change command

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(04-27-2022, 11:18 AM)Gi Nattak Wrote: PowerPanda is a lot of things: a talented ROM hacker, a musician, a nice guy, but as far as I know he is not a Psychic... so you will have to try it and see for yourself if it fixes your crashed ROM. Laugh 
I thought the 'Summon This!' patch also included the aim fix...? Anyway, the anti-patch you make will need to be made without a header in mind, because that's how you patched it. OR, since it appears to be a ONE-byte change, just goto the one byte and change it back! Since you applied it without a header at first, it's going to be here:

Offset to change back: C25049
Change back to a $99 byte.

Hopefully that will fix your ROM. From now on, make a backup of your ROM as was suggested before doing anything that involves changing hex bytes! This includes using patches.

No worry. I already have a backup. Although I need to do some backtracking.

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(04-25-2022, 08:25 AM)doofenH Wrote: I would like to simply edit relic that change a command into something else. These are Thief Gloves, Fake Mustache, Coin Toss, Gem Box, & Dragoon Boots. Currently, I would like the relic to change the user's Magic command to Summon. Although this might cause a glitch with Gem-Box is equipped too. Or not, like with Dragoon Boots & Offering, where Jump got the highest priority.

I think this is simple enough for me to do, like just changing 1 or 2 commands within the relic code, from what I read here.

So I think all I have to do to change let said with Coin Toss to become a summon relic is
C2/5453: 02 (Magic)
C2/5458: 19 (Summon)

Later: It work, but.... for some reason, an error occurred that said I need MP to cast the summon. However, I do got enough MP.

One other thing to consider would be to change the text display for the menu.  Not a gamebreaking thing but if you change GP Rain to Summon it will still show up as GP Rain on the menu screen.  

What you would need to change is in C3, these are the original ones but just change the commands to whatever you changed them to and they will display correctly.

Data: Commands to change FROM
C3/6198:    05          (Steal)
C3/6199:    0F          (Slot)
C3/619A:    0D          (Sketch)
C3/619B:    02          (Magic)
C3/619C:    00          (Fight)

Data: Commands to change TO
C3/619D:    06          (Capture)
C3/619E:    18          (GP Rain)    
C3/619F:    0E          (Control)
C3/61A0:    17          (X-Magic)
C3/61A1:    16          (Jump)

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