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Cleaner looking Coliseum and consumable screens

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All the credits goes to Ryo_Hazuki, an hacker from the community, that helped me to translate "Brave New World" to italian.

I had the impression that those boxes were too "tall" and i asked him to redesign them. Particularly the Challenger screen in Coliseum it's a mess. The tall box often overlap monster sprite (and cover part of the background un-necessarily) and there's an ugly black line over the bottom window.

I dont know if it's correct to call this a bug, but i think this little graphical enhancement can be useful for the base game or any mod out there.

[Image: HRzuPlf.png]    [Image: I8BpTsg.png]

[Image: zTZNB8X.png]      [Image: u2GVkD7.png]

Gi Nattak let me notice that the patch was using free space potentially used differently in other mods. I updated the ips to use the same space used in vanilla and added the asm file to the zip.

I strongly advice to not touch the asm (especially the coliseum part) but i think it's good to share it for anyone that want to try something different and has the knowledge to do it.

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